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Space Needle + Sweet Charity

On Saturday evening Lindsey and I celebrated our 8th dating anniversary. We’ve always celebrated our dating anniversaries, even during those couple years in college when we weren’t together. So on Saturday evening we had dinner at the Space Needle and then saw Sweet Charity, starring Molly Ringwald, at the Paramount Theatre.
Of course we had to dress up a little bit:

The beautiful Mrs. King.

It was a little bit misty in Seattle on Saturday, making for a magical view.

Us together on the observation deck.

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Moving Dirt (again)

Last night Lindsey and I worked on the backyard project for a couple hours. I worked on getting the trim pieces put on the fence, while Lindsey did some work with the wheelbarrow. I can’t believe how much energy Lindsey has considering she’s around 20 weeks right now. Her help is very much appreciated.
Just before sunset we finished setting the last two fence posts that will be used for the gates. This morning I’m off to Lowes to get stain for the fence. I think a trip to Starbucks for a venti americano is in order.

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Lost + Baby Kicks

Lindsey and I have gotten hooked on watching Lost. We’ve been getting the episodes on DVD from Netflix for the last week or two. In that short amount of time we’ve managed to watch almost all of season 1 (24 episodes total) — at this rate we’ll be all caught up in a couple more weeks.
For those of you that haven’t been lucky enough to get hooked on Lost, it’s kind of a thriller-series where a group of people end up on an island in the South Pacific after surviving a plane crash. Lindsey gets pretty wound up watching the show, and I’m certain the baby has been feeling the adrenaline rush too. Last night he was very active and Lindsey and I both got to feel his movement on the outside of Lindsey’s tummy. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when he gets a bit bigger.

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Baby Kicks

Recently, Lindsey has begun to feel the baby moving. Commodus and I still haven’t felt it, though he is determined to feel it first.

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Expectant Mother Parking

One added perk of taking Lindsey to the mall is the upgraded parking spaces we’re enjoying these days. I’m guessing these spots were originally intended for pregnant women in their third trimesters. Still Lindsey meets the criteria on the sign, and these parking spots were really close.

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