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Pumpkin Patch 2013

Grammy came out for a visit in early October, and we had a great time. I didn’t get my camera out enough, but we did bring it along on our trip to the pumpkin patch.
IMG_0298 IMG_0300
The boys loved this scarecrow
IMG_0306     IMG_0333  IMG_0336
Avery making silly faces
IMG_0349 IMG_0350
Daddy attempted to take a picture with Silas, but he wasn’t having it.
Our best attempts at a family shot.
IMG_0362-Edit-Edit IMG_0366-Edit  IMG_0372
Checking out a worm they found
IMG_0376 IMG_0377
I love this pic! That face just melts my heart!
And another funny one of Avery (who was prepared for very cold weather).

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Boy Outings

The boys had a couple of guys only excursions this month. Jonathan took the boys to Woodland Park Zoo. They got out of the house shortly before lunchtime, so he even packed sandwiches to bring along. I thought this was an impressive touch!
_MG_9460 _MG_9500
Avery offering his Pop Rocks to the interested otter
Jonathan said this otter swam right up to Silas, but he was too busy looking at his feet to notice.
_MG_9524 _MG_9529
One of three leopard cubs born on Avery’s 6th birthday
No trip to Woodland Park Zoo is complete without burgers at Red Mill!
They also went hiking together. Silas loved getting out of the backpack and hiking with his big brothers!
IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3311 IMG_3316 IMG_3319   IMG_3323

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Salmon Days 2013

We took the boys to the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival in early October. We got out of the house a little late that morning, and then realized shortly after driving away from the house, that neither of us had consumed enough coffee yet. So when we got to Issaquah, we navigated around the streets that were closed for the festival, trying to make our way to one of our favorite coffee shops (because, you know, not just anything will do for us. Starbucks, or Charbucks, as we call it, just doesn’t cut it). Finally we get to the shop, wait in line for our coffee, and are ready to take on Salmon Days with our three little darlings. And I have to say, crowded festivals just aren’t that fun anymore. Not with three people under four feet tall, one of whom is in a stroller. We caught part of the parade, which Avery enjoyed, but Kieron was feeling sensitive to all the loud noise, honking, and marching bands. We meandered through the crowds and booths, but the boys were too short to see anything, and we were just happy to get through with all three of them. The highlight was leaving to get pizza at Zeek’s, a local favorite of ours. Not sure if we’ll go to Salmon Days next year, maybe we’ll just go watch the salmon jump on a weekday!

_MG_9395 _MG_9396 _MG_9402 _MG_9408 _MG_9412 _MG_9415 _MG_9418

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PCT with Ashleigh and Mark

As many of you know, Jonathan’s sister and her boyfriend, Mark, have been backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada since May. Jonathan arranged to join them for a few days between Snoqualmie and Steven’s Pass.

Unfortunately, winter came early in the mountains this year, and Snoqualmie is about the point where things started to get very cold, rainy, snowy, etc. Jonathan spent one night freezing in his sleeping bag, and decided to hike back the following day. He originally intended to get his warmer sleeping bag and join back up with them a few days later, but  weather conditions worsened, so he opted to stay home. The weather delayed Ashleigh and Mark’s hike, and nearly prevented them from finishing, but they ultimately made it to Canada.



IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3241  IMG_3251



Silas hiked about a quarter mile on the trail to meet up with Daddy

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A few more picks from September:

Reading with my boys


Little Si. Look at all that white hair!

Baking cookies

Jonathan and Kieron visited Snoqualmie Falls



Brothers in the back yard


Avery lost another tooth

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