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Kieron Turns Two!

It’s hard to believe, but Kieron turned two last weekend. We surprised our little chef with a new “souped up” kitchen when he came downstairs. It didn’t disappoint, and he’s been whipping up all kinds of tasty things in it since.

Today someone described Kieron as a “little ray of sunshine,” and that truly sums up his disposition. At two years old, Kieron is cheerful, laid back, and smiles easily. He’s very physical, and a little bit of a daredevil. He can be short-fused at times, but overall, is pretty even keeled. He loves Elmo, dogs, blocks, balls, music, and all things cooking related. He is an enthusiastic, yet picky eater. Kieron loves and fears his big brother. He follows Avery everywhere, and misses him when he’s away. However, he puts up with a bit of tormenting.

His language is really taking off. It’s fun to listen to him put his thoughts into words. Some cute phrases we hear a lot are:
“Is he crying?” (referring to Silas)
“I’m making ______” (in the kitchen)
“Avery hit/bonk/hurt”
“Wee ma way/mahna mahna/got grapes” (referring to YouTube videos he wants to watch)
“Chichen” (kitchen)
“I wuv you”

He had his two year well child visit a couple days ago. He weighed in at 29 lbs 6 oz (67%) and measured 35.5″ (79%).

Here he is checking out his new kitchen

Silas enjoying some tummy time

We took a walk to the park on his birthday

Nana and Grandpa came to celebrate, and brought balloons

A card from Avery

Making a wish

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Seattle Aquarium

Last weekend Jonathan took the big boys to the Seattle Aquarium while Silas joined me at a friend’s baby shower. They had a great time checking out the marine life together and finished off the day with a nice seafood lunch!

Scuba diver with a friendly wolf eel

This cute baby sea otter is only six weeks older than Silas

Octopus tentacle

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T-Ball Season

Avery’s playing t-ball this spring, and he loves it! It’s so cute to see the smile on his face while he’s out there on the field. Here are a few pics from his first couple of games.

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