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Soccer Season

Avery just finished soccer a couple weeks ago. He had a good (enough) time playing and was really excited to get another trophy at the end of the season. He was not the most competitive player on the team, but had a few goals and some assists. It was fun, but Mommy and Daddy are glad the season is over.

Kieron consoles Avery after a minor sports injury

Yum, orange wedges!

Kieron the flower collector

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Over the Mountains

A few weeks ago we packed the boys in the van and made the 4.5 hour (6 with kids) drive to Pullman, WA to visit Uncle Scott and Aunt Manivanh for a weekend. We had a great time visiting, but as usual, not enough time. The cousins were happy to be together and kept each other entertained. Here are a few pics from our trip:

We checked out the WSU campus, saw where Uncle Scott works, and visited the Grizzly Bears at the university

I’m pretty sure the boys were joking about bear poop here

Kieron loved digging in Uncle Scott & Aunt Manivanh’s garden

On Sunday we went to Phillips Farm and picked apples and plums

Here’s our bounty:

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A Helmet for Silas

When he was three months old, we started to notice the back of Silas’ head ¬†flattening. So we kept an eye on it, but despite lots of tummy time and repositioning during sleep, it got worse over the next month. After a visit to a specialist, we decided to put him in a helmet if it didn’t improve by the time he turned he turned six months.¬†Fortunately,¬† it didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better either. Soooo… Silas is now wearing a helmet 23 1/2 hours a day for the next three months. Interestingly, the specialist told us it was not uncommon that she saw multiple siblings who shared this condition.

Two weeks down, ten to go. He’s tolerating it really well. In fact, it probably bothers us more than it does him. I miss kissing his little head.

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Avery the Kindergartener

The week after Kieron started preschool, we loaded Avery on a bus for his first day of kindergarten. He’s going full-day, and although summer was fun, I think we were all ready for this next step. We lucked out and got a fabulous teacher and an awesome, rapping bus driver.

Avery enjoys school, although he says he misses his toys (and us) while he’s away. I can tell his teacher keeps him busy at school. His folder is full of projects at the end of each day, and his lunch box is almost always empty. In fact, apparently he’s missed a couple of recesses because he spent the entire lunch hour finishing his meal! The long days are really wearing him out. He even fell asleep on the bus one afternoon this week, and almost didn’t get off. I later discovered he frequently catches a catnap on the ride home!


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Kieron the Preschooler

Little Kieron started preschool last month! He’s going to a nearby Montessori two mornings a week. With all the change and excitement over Avery going to Kindergarten, it’s nice for Kieron to have a place that’s all his own, where he isn’t known as “Avery’s little brother.” He did great on his first day. No tears, and very excited about his Elmo backpack.

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