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Snoqualmie Tunnel

Jen, Oliver & Bjorn came to visit in early August. One afternoon we hiked through the Snoqualmie Tunnel on the Iron Horse/John Wayne Pioneer Trail. We tried to go a couple of years ago, but it was closed due to falling debris. It reopened in July after renovations were completed.

The tunnel is 2.3 mi long (each way), and quite chilly inside. The boys had an awesome time, but I’m so glad we did this with friends. I don’t know if Avery would have been such a trooper without a buddy. Kieron enjoyed himself in the backpack. He fell asleep on the way out, and on the way back he spent much of the time making noises and listening to the echoes in the tunnel.

The Smiths

The Kings

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At Brianna’s Birthday Party

Avery’s sweetheart turned four this summer. We had a great time at her birthday party, and Avery and Brianna were inseparable most of the day. What cuties.

Riley, Avery, Benjamin, & Brianna

Coloring a picture together

She’s grinning at Avery here

Sharing a chair

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Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Avery’s favorite TV show these days is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It’s a cartoon about three little kids who go on various adventures with Captain Hook and the other pirates from Peter Pan. So naturally, Avery gets fully into character, frequently sporting a red bandana (just like Jake from the show). We can’t help but think he really looks like a little gangster, especially on this particular day when we took the pics. I swear we had nothing to do with the missing shirt, saggy pants, and bling around his neck. We did eventually turn his bandana around and prompt him to give us some tough guy faces though.

“My big brother is crazy!”

We couldn’t resist turning his bandana around and taking some “Tupac” pics

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Summer Days

The old kiddie pool finally broke, so it was time to pick up a new one. Here’s a few pics of the boys breaking in the new pool.

“Here Kieron, let me cool you off”

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Baby King 3.0

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re expecting our third (and final) little one, due March 8th! We had our first ultrasound last week, and got to see the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor. It was pretty amazing, as he/she is only the size of a blueberry right now!

I got so lucky with my first two pregnancies. No morning sickness whatsoever. Sure I felt tired, but with Avery I was able to nap. And with Kieron, I only had one little guy to look after, and he still napped sometimes, so occasionally I could sneak one in. This time there is no napping, barely any sitting! And on top of it, I am nauseous almost ’round the clock. Thank goodness this is the last time!

I couldn’t wait for Jonathan to get home from work to tell him, so I pretended I’d been out running errands and asked if I could drop by to say hi on my way home. The baby shoes on the hood of the van are the same ones that appeared the last two times I delivered this news to Jonathan.

Here’s proud Daddy after spotting the baby shoes.

We videotaped Avery’s reaction to the news. I’m so glad we did because it was really cute!

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