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Seattle Waterfront

Avery hasn’t taken a nap for the past three days. He just keeps going all day with a seemingly endless supply of energy. The lack of a break in the middle of the day has made Lindsey a bit frazzled. Hopefully this pattern doesn’t continue.
He’s also been very vocal lately, and is repeating lots of words. Among his favorites:
hi! – with a big smile
aairplay (airplane)
cooow (cool)
carh (car)
poo poo
pee pee
bye bye
Tonight we went for a walk along Alaskan Way. We narrowly missed going to the Aquarium, but had a quick dinner at Anthony’s Cafe. We ate outside and Avery pointed out every airplane and boat in sight.

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Babies for Obama

Avery is growing into quite a Lil’ Dem. He enjoys watching Barack give speeches, and even claps at the appropriate applause points. Recently, he’s been sporting the tee shirt pictured below. Obama/Biden ’08!

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Jack Johnson

On Friday saw Jack Johnson at the The Gorge. It was Avery’s first concert and our second time seeing Jack Johnson at The Gorge. We were a little worried about how Avery would tolerate the extra late evening, but he did pretty well. Eventually he got tired and fell asleep on the blanket. The concert was okay. Since we arrived late it was difficult to find a decent place to sit. We were also busy distributing snacks and toys to Avery, making it hard to sit back and relax.

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Bad to the Bone

Here are a few pictures I meant to post before I went to Eugene last week to help with the new hospital. I’d like to say I took them, but I think you can see me sitting in the background. Lindsey is also an excellent photographer and she gets big smiles out of Avery.

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Hiking Tiger Mountain

This afternoon we decided at the last minute to go for a hike up Tiger Mountain. It’s a short but steep hike up to the bluff where the paragliders launch. Lindsey and I took turns carrying Avery in the backpack. He did pretty well though the backpack must get boring after a while. It certainly gets heavy after a while. At the top there were tons of people milling around waiting to launch their gliders.

Lake Sammamish in the background.


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