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Goodbye Commodus

Lindsey and I have some very sad news. This afternoon we put Commodus to sleep. It was by far the most difficult decision we’ve ever made together, and we’ll dearly miss our little pug. About ten months ago he injured his back and despite our attempts to help him heal, his condition deteriorated. Over the past weeks there were many tears as we tried to figure out what was best. In the end we decided there wasn’t much joy left in his daily life, and we didn’t want him to suffer. Today the vet came to our house, and we cuddled with him on his bed by the fire as he drifted off.

Commodus, you were such an incredible little dog these past 8 1/2 years. You joined our family a year before we got married, when you were just two months old. You were our first baby, quadruped though you were. We spoiled you, dressed you up in ridiculous costumes, and bought anything that had a pug on it. That first year, we took you on many adventures, to the beach, to the top of Winchester mountain, and all over Bellingham. You went boating with us and even learned how to swim. On our wedding day you were our ring bearer. Throughout the years you’ve stood by as life happened. When we started a family you cuddled with Mommy throughout both pregnancies, and when our boys came home from the hospital you were there to greet them at the door. The pitter-patter of your paws on the floor, your snoring, and soulful brown eyes that always expressed a look of deep concern will be dearly missed. This marks the end of a chapter in our lives. Although we weren’t ready to move on yet, it’s a time we’ll always have fond memories of. It’s a time we view as our youth, our 20’s, the beginning of us and our life as a family. We’ll miss you puppy.

There are SO MANY pictures. Turns out we took roughly 3,000 of our pooch. This was the least we could get it down to.

With his brothers and sisters

The bowl we picked out was way too big

At Ocean Shores


Camping at Winchester (he was licking mac ‘n cheese out of the pot)

He had a taste for the Vegemite

Trying to enjoy a margarita

In the Nooksack River


Our ring bearer

With Cosette

With Nicole

At Lake Padden

Head of the Lake


On Lummi Island

He’s a Mac Dog

Santa’s helper

At Clayton Beach

Feeling baby kicks

“Get me out of this ridiculous hat!”

“No, not another one!”

“Now antlers?”

“I heart wood stoves”

“I think Mom’s had too many cookies”

Greeting Avery on his first day home

Pug buns

Snoozin’ in the sun

With Old Nana

Teaching Avery to roll over… it worked

On a walk

With Avery

Good times in the back yard

Overseeing the potty training

Greeting Kieron on his first day home

With his brothers

In the end Commodus spent much of his time in bed in front of the fire.

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Not Coming Out of the Closet

This morning Commodus was caught hanging out in my closet on top of my sweatshirt. I’m not sure why? Perhaps he was trying to get some peace and quite away from the noisy baby?
At any rate. Commodus isn’t coming out of the closet. At least not this morning.

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The Simple Life

Commodus has been a good sport about having a little brother that consumes almost all of his parents attention. I think for the most part he understands why the baby is the center of our world. Though, sometimes when you look at his face you’d think he lost his only friend.
Yesterday evening I finished building the side gates, so Commodus got to explore the backyard, sans his leash, for the first time. Hopefully he enjoys his new privilege.
Here’s a picture I took of Commodus as he snoozed under my office chair yesterday.

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Bad Venison!

We found out yesterday that the dog food we’ve been feeding Commodus for the last month has been recalled. The food is a venison and brown rice blend, which the pet store told us “was a higher quality food” compared to what Commodus was eating prior to a month ago. I think this is the first dry dog food that’s been a problem amongst the recent fury of pet food recalls.
So far we don’t think Commodus has been severely impacted by the food, but I took him to the vet this morning just to make sure he’s in good shape. At the vet they collected both a blood and urine sample. We should have the results back in a few days.
[4/20/07 Update] The vet called to let us know that Commodus’ blood and urine were both normal.
Here’s a shot of Commodus sticking his tongue out at Natural Balance Pet Food.

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The Cuddling Pug

Commodus continues to be extra cuddly around Lindsey. Probably in some instinctual way, he understands something is up. Who knows, perhaps he’s thinking about what life will be like with a little brother.

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