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Visits with Friends

One of the (many) things I love about summer is it’s when we often catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. We had a few visits from good out-of-town friends in July. The Smiths visited all the way from Singapore.

Avery & Bjorn

BFF’s since middle school. I still remember watching X-files with this lady and drooling over David Duchovny!

Oliver & Jonathan. It’s so much fun when the hubbies hit it off too!


Silas & Elina

Later in the month Jacqui and Hayden came up to see us. They were neighbors in Snoqualmie, and we met because of Avery & Hayden, but we became fast friends.

“We’re ready to go to the lake!”

Here’s our entourage making the trek down to the water with a few toys.

Bathing beauty wearing her pink flamingo bathing suit in her pink flamingo floaty

“Do you like my unicorn?”

Nerf battle in the field

Avery & Hayden

The four boys gaming together

At Boomer’s Burgers

At Boulevard Park

Crab hunting

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One of the big pros for us about moving back to Bellingham was it’s proximity to the water. Sailing was part of my life growing up, and Jonathan was a Sea-scout. We always wanted to share this with our kids, but it is expensive and not super-convenient in the Seattle area.

We quickly found a sailing camp at the Bellingham Yacht Club for Avery. After his experience in California earlier in the year, he was excited to try it out, and he loved it! Here he is at camp:

Jonathan’s office is by the marina, so we stopped by to visit a few times and take a walk, watch Avery at camp, and enjoy the salt air.

Here are the boys in front of Jonathan’s building.

Down by the water

“Can you see me now?”

We also took advantage of the sailing on the lake once. Lakewood is right across the lake from us, and is where Jonathan rowed out of when he was on the crew team at Western.  He and Papa took Avery and Kieron out for a little day sail one afternoon. I am so happy that they got to go out with Papa, and we hope to do more of this next summer!

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Independence Day 2017

We celebrated the 4th of July just days after moving into the new house. We’ve always enjoyed the holiday in Snoqualmie, with the local parade, festival, and last year they added a pretty big fireworks show too. We missed the events and our friends quite a bit. But we also had a fun time this year just being a family together. It was much more low-key, with nowhere to be at any particular time. We spent the day playing on the lake. Later we BBQ’d at home, did a few pop-its, and settled in for the fireworks. We could see them all along the lake from our upper deck.

I think she could eat a whole watermelon by herself if we let her!

This fake coyote is supposed to scare away the geese, but apparently they’re too smart.

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More from the Move

Here are a few more pictures from the days following our move. It was an exhausting, emotional roller coaster, and a ton of work, but we got through it!

The boys eating breakfast in the unfurnished family room on the first morning.

A deer visitor wonders what happened to all the tall grass

“Yay! The piano is here!”

I felt sorry for the poor movers when they had to carry the play set around the back yard and set it up. Here’s Layla supervising.

I’m glad we had them do it though. The boys were on it in a hurry.

Unfortunately, not everything fit in the moving trucks, so we had to make a couple trips back up to get our remaining belongings. Here’s the kids last meal at the old house.

Buddha was belted in the U-Haul.

Back at the new house. Avery’s inaugural jump in the lake!

Jonathan with his coffee before departing on his 15 minute commute to a real office! No PJ’s today!

Our sweet neighbors hosted a s’mores party to welcome us to the neighborhood

Layla with the tiger

Playing in the backyard

Best toy ever and we had a house full of them!

“Organizing” her clothes. Love the ruffle butt.

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Move to Bellingham

Jonathan has had his heart set on moving back to Bellingham for a while. I was very happy in Snoqualmie, but he finally found a house that piqued my interest – it had enough bedrooms for our family and lake access. I decided to take a leap of faith. One thing led to another, and by the end of June the moving truck arrived and we headed north.

The truck at our old house

I got pretty sentimental taking my last tour through the boys’ tree fort in the back yard

Look at all their cute little primitive tools and work stations

Ethan stopped by to say “see you later”.

So did Charlotte.

Meanwhile the big boys were at their last day of Camp Invention. They said goodbye to Timber Ridge Elementary.

Then they came home and we had pizza in the house on the empty floor

Hayden, Brooklyn, & Jacqui stopped by with a gift for Avery

Matching photo collages of their memories together. These two!

We dropped by to see Louis, up the street

And his mom, Emily

Here’s Silas & Bode (who also moved about a month later)

And Caroline and I had an evening out together. Not gonna lie, the boys and I had a tough time saying goodbye to our friends. I see many visits in our future!

Here’s Kieron on his first night at the new house

And here’s Jonathan mowing the grass that had grown very tall before we became owners. More pics of the new house to come in future posts!

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