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Christmas Day 2010

Can you guess who the first one up on Christmas morning was? That’s right, Avery was very excited and up early as usual. He discovered presents under the tree and in the stockings. All the cookies he left out for Santa were gone, and Rudolph ate half of his carrot.

Avery enjoyed unwrapping the presents, although he got pretty overwhelmed. He would open a gift and just want to play with it, but we tried our best to keep the ball rolling. After opening the presents under the tree, we took an intermission to eat brunch before moving onto the stockings. When all was said and done, the living room looked Toys “R” Us threw up all over it. I can’t imagine what it will be like once Kieron is a little older.

“A cement mixer!”

“Isn’t this fun Kieron?!”

The boys both were enthralled with this little dancing and singing mouse

“My favorite part is the wrapping paper!”

My three handsome boys

Matching Christmas PJ’s

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Christmas Eve 2010

We traveled down to Vancouver to spend Christmas with Nana and Grandpa this year. Auntie Ashleigh and her boyfriend, Mark, flew out from New York too. On Christmas Eve we dined on our traditional appetizers and cookies.

Then we played our special white elephant game. It involves rolling dice, and each time a player rolls the “magic number,” they get to pick a present off the center of the table. Once all presents are gone, players can steal gifts from other players when they roll the number. When the timer goes off, players open the gifts they’re stuck with. Avery had an absolute blast playing! He said “I love this game!” over and over. And when it came time to steal, he said “I don’t want to steal! I don’t want to steal!” He put his arms around his presents and tried not to give them up, and only stole presents from Daddy, who at the end of the game had only one present.

Before bed we let the boys each open one present. Avery unwrapped his and exclaimed, “A Pillow Pet!” (He’s been asking for one for months). He explained how useful it was: “You can sit on it!” Kieron was content to chew on his. Then they left treats out for Santa and his reindeer and went to bed.

Ashleigh & Mark

Opening their Pillow Pets

They were a hit!

Kieron enjoyed the ribbon

Playing our traditional Christmas Game

Leaving cookies & milk for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer

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Christmas Cookies

Avery and I made Christmas cookies together this year. I made the dough the night before, and during Kieron’s a.m. nap we rolled the dough, cut out shapes, and baked the cookies. Then during his p.m. nap, Avery and I decorated them. I have a tendency to be a little OCD, so this process took some letting go on my part. Avery wanted to do much of the rolling and cutting, and if I’d let him, he would have eaten enough dough and frosting to give him a killer stomach ache. He also thought it was acceptable to lick the spatula and then put it back in the frosting. It ended up being quite an endeavor with a 3 1/2 year old, but we had so much fun together and it was worth the trouble.

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Visiting Santa

We returned to the Cougar Mountain Zoo this year to visit Santa and his reindeer. The boys were both great sports and sat on Santa’s lap. Avery sheepishly told him what a good boy he was this year and that he would like a police station for Christmas (for the past month he’s been asking for a big tow truck, but whatever). Then we fed the reindeer and quickly visited the tigers and emus before we got too cold to walk around anymore.

The boys with Santa

Feeding apple slices to the reindeer

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Maui 2010

We took our annual December trip to Maui, and it didn’t disappoint. We went jet skiing, whale watching, and to the the beach once, but we spent most of our time at the pool, specifically the pirate ship. Avery played each day until he was delirious, and Kieron enjoyed splashing in the shallow water. At seven months old, he needs a nap every few hours, so at times it felt like we were commuting between our room and the pool. Not that we’re complaining. He was even nice enough to take a few naps on the lounge chair for us so we could keep on playing.

Avery now fully expects to go to Hawaii each year. And he doesn’t believe he’s there until he’s at the pirate ship. Then he tells us he doesn’t want to go home, he just wants to stay in Hawaii. What a lucky kid. Here are some pictures from our trip this year:

At SeaTac before our 6 1/2 hour flight

Avery and Grandpa check out a whale skeleton at Whaler’s Village


“Are you talkin’ to me?”

Photo by Avery King

Don’t worry, we didn’t put him down the slide

Kieron at the helm

Nap time by the pool

Finding treasure at the pirate ship

Checking email or playing Angry Birds?

The boys with Nana and Grandpa

Before we headed out for our “Date Night” at Roy’s

More fun at the pirate ship

Avery tried to create his own snorkel by sticking a shovel in his goggles

Whale Watcher


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