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Fremont Fair

On Sunday we ventured into the city to check out the Fremont Fair. We missed the naked bicyclist parade which was on Saturday, though somehow I think all the crazy costumes would be scary for a one-year-old.

Avery coloring at lunch.

He missed out on an elephant ear.

This guy looked pretty bored in his empty booth.

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Overnight without Avery

Lindsey and I had a childless night this weekend. We attended a friends wedding near Bellingham, and took the opportunity to have grandparents look after Avery. It was a nice treat for both of us, especially Lindsey who has never been away from our little boy. I thought we’d return from our trip well rested, but we stayed up very late visiting with friends, and didn’t manage to sleep in much past our normal wake up call.
Today we drove home and had a little fathers day celebration.
Lindsey and I at the wedding.

Nana entertaining Avery.

Daddies, and their sons.

Nana, Grandpa, and Avery.

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Avery and Lindsey returned from a play date this afternoon with our neighbors plastic slide. He’s always enjoyed going down the slide with some assistance from Mommy, but today he learned how to climb the steps and slide down on his own. Once he figured out how to climb up on his own there was no stopping him. He slides over and over and over again.




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