Here’s what we were up to in May. Layla’s class released their butterflies

This girl loves practicing piano. Here she is playing a song from the Barbie movie

Jonathan, out with friends

2nd grade concert

Finished this project in the basement!

Middle School track meets

Silas’ end of the year band concert

Mr. Alas, lucky to have him as a band teacher

The girls had their end of the year gymnastics banquet

The girls put this routine together at their sleepover at the studio following the banquet

We watched the Northern Lights

Middle School track meet at Islander Middle School

At Dueling Pianos at The Club with friends

Avery went to watch his friend’s lacross game at Eastlake HS and snapped this beautiful sunset

Celebrating a friends birthday at Saints & Scholars

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Viva Las Vegas!

Jonathan and I had a long weekend getaway to Vegas in May. We had a fabulous time roaming the strip, soaking up the sun, eating lots of yummy food and saw a couple of shows.

Our first night in Vegas, we saw Atomic Saloon. It was very entertaining!

At Hell’s Kitchen

White Castle!

Maroon 5! 

One of Adam’s friends was at the show and proposed to his girlfriend from the audience

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Mother’s Day

I got spoiled this Mother’s Day. The kids all made me very thoughtful cards and Layla made this beautiful basket in her 2nd grade class. Aside from the first couple strands being started, she did the rest all by herself!

We had gorgeous weather, so we took our friends, the Stryjaks, who are moving out of state next month, to Bainbridge Island for the day. We had a great time being together and enjoying the beautiful PNW with our families.

The night before Mother’s Day, a few of us went out in Bellevue for dinner and drinks. With Mindee, Sara, Tammy and Niki.

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Kieron Turns 14

Kieron turned fourteen this spring and will be a Freshman in the fall. We’ve noticed in the second half of this year that he’s maturing a lot and taking on more responsibility. Kieron is sweet, quiet, observant, loyal and steadfast. He has lots of noisy friends who appreciate these traits, along with Kieron’s sense of humor. He enjoys swimming, track, cooking, reading and boating. It’s been fun watching him grow this year and we can’t wait to see what high school will bring. 

We celebrated with a paintball party in Buckley, WA. It was SO much fun! Jody, Landry, Jack, Owen, Hudson, Silas, Eli, Max Josh, Kieron, Layla, Vietnam Vet Photobomber, Virgil, Avery & Liam

After a couple rounds, Layla surprised us and wanted to join in! She stayed in the rest of the time and took a few shots to her skinny little legs! She was so tough. She cried a little, but got right back in there and had a great time.

Handsome birthday boy

Jonathan & Jody, dads living their best lives!

At the end, Mommy emptied out a paintball gun doing some target shooting.

After paintball, we headed to Carlson Block, in Wilkerson, for the best pizza in WA state. And we agree, it is!

Make a wish! ( I should point out, this boy makes all the ice cream cakes in our house, even his own!)

All Blacks gear from Nana

Kieron loved the food dehydrator we got him for his birthday

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Here’s what we were up to in April. It started off with Jonathan’s birthday.

Cookbook signed by Kenji Lopez

We found a couple if skinks in the backyard when we were trimming the bushes

More track meets!


With Jake

Waiting for Dad to get off work

Playdate with another Frenchie!

Paz and Layla

Just a girl and her cats

I flew to Pullman for a visit

We tried a mermaid braid. Turned out cute and was pretty easy to do!

PJ & Stuffie day at school

Middle school track! Kieron, Josh, Hudson & Declan

Silas & Landry

Caroline and I took Silas and Ethan bowling one Friday afternoon

New patio set for the back yard

Sleepover with Savannah


Avery went to the Oregon Relays in Eugeue for three days. He loved U of O!

With Josh Kerr, Olympic runner & World Champion

Nicole is running track for Western (she’s 2nd from the right)

At a drag brunch with girlfriends – it was no drag!



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