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We had a great Halloween, by far the most fun yet. We carved pumpkins in the morning (there were even power tools involved). After Avery’s nap (which he never fell asleep for), we went to trick-or-truck at the Maple Valley community center. It was fun as always, but Avery didn’t want to get in the trucks. Then tonight we took Avery out early, and he managed to fill his little bag (and daddy’s pockets). Once he was all tuckered out he came back home and handed some candy out. I think was his favorite part.

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Pumpkin Patch

We took Avery to Thomasson Farms this week to choose some pumpkins. He was a little crabby and didn’t really want his picture taken, but we managed to get a few shots.

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Ultrasound Picture

We went to the OB office this week. It turned out the doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby, so we just met with the nurses briefly. They did a quick ultrasound so we could see our baby. It was snoozing away and sucking it’s thumb. Seeing our baby was great and made everything seem much more real. It’s hard to believe next week Lindsey will already be in the 2nd trimester.

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Snoqualmie Train Museum

Last weekend Avery and I had a boys day at the Snoqualmie Train Museum. Avery is really into trains. He’s has a big collection of Thomas the Train that Mommy found on craigslist. So I think going for a ride on a real train was quite an experience for him. First we went up to North Bend, and then the train goes back down the same track to Snoqualmie falls.

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