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Here’s the rest of what we were up to in September:

We took Layla hiking on one of her last days before school started.

We went to see Everclear with our friends, Niki & Simon. The base player, Davey French (2nd from the left) is our neighbor.

Backyard ping pong

Our neighbor (teenager) took the corner by Azalea Park too fast and ended up in a yard

Kitty love

Phoebe’s birthday – she got scrambled eggs for breakfast

Silas had to have two teeth pulled so the grownup ones would come down

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Fall Extracurriculars

With school back in session, fall sports start up. Here’s what the kids were busy doing:

Avery loved his first season of high school XC, and even made varsity as a Freshman

Varsity team, posing for their team poster

First day of ballet & tap

This girl won a free ice skating session, so she got to give it a try!

Fall soccer!

Parkour for these two

Middle school XC for Kieron – not his favorite, but glad he gave it a shot

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September Lake Days

School may have started, but September is still plenty warm in the PNW. We spent a number of evenings and weekends on Lake Sammamish.

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Back to School – First Day of Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten finally arrived a couple days after the first day of school for the rest of the district. Here are some pics from Layla’s first day!

We drove Layla to school the first day

“Wake up! It’s the first day of kindergarten!”

Breakfast: Cheerios with banana on top

Walking down the hall

She made it back!

Enjoying an after school snack with Silas

The next day at the bus stop

First bus ride to school with Mrs. Lewis

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Back to School

This was a big, emotional back-to-school season at the King house. Not only was it the first time all the kids were going back full-time ever/since the pandemic started, but we had one going into kindergarten, another moving on to middle school, and one starting high school – in addition to a fourth grader. We are incredibly proud of all the kids persevered through since 2020 and so excited to see them return to school full-time and in-person!

Early morning send-off for these two!

A little bit later it was Silas’ turn.

Kindergartners got to meet their teachers this afternoon, but their official first day isn’t until next week.

With Mrs. Croft

Silas and Mason, so glad to be in the same class!

Thought this was a cute text exchange with Silas. He doesn’t realize what a fox means.

Silas with his school project bottle buddy, Queen Elizabeth 1st

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