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September = Preschool and Soccer

I can hardly believe it’s already September. It seems like summer came and went in the blink of an eye, and now it’s time put up harvest decorations and choose Halloween costumes!Avery had his first day back at preschool this week. He’s at the same place where he attended todschool last year, but with new teachers. He was a little disappointed when he learned he would be riding there in Mommy’s van again instead of a big yellow school bus. But he was excited to go back to school and see what toys his new teachers had, and when I dropped him off he settled right in with a group of boys playing trucks.

Avery also had his first day of soccer this week. I think he was a little nervous about practice, but he liked the shinguards, and his buddy Jackson is on the team with him, so that helped. His coach is great, and once things got underway, Avery warmed up and went right along. I was surprised at how well all of the kids did at listening to the coach and following his instructions. Their first game is on Saturday, and Jonathan and I are looking forward to cheering the team on!

The obligitory “Front Porch” picture

Avery and Jackson share a hug during a game

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The boys

Here are some random pictures of the boys around the house. Avery always want to have his picture taken with Kieron these days, so we have many variations of the Avery/Kieron shot.

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