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Our Little Biped

Our little baby is now a toddler. It’s amazing how quickly they change. Avery took his first few steps on Saturday, and each day since there’s been noticeable improvement. He’s also been especially hungry lately, and has been devouring everything. Today Lindsey was going to share a pear with Avery, but the hungry little caterpillar ate the whole thing.

Pausing to read a book.

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Avery’s new tricks

Avery did a lot of changing this past week. It seems like a light went off in his head, and now he’s trying all sorts of new things. The big news is he start walking! It began with a few steps between Mommy and Daddy, but before long we was traveling ten or fifteen steps in a row. He gets a huge grin and puts his arms straight out to keep his balance. It’s the cutest thing to watch.
Avery also started eating a lot of new foods. For the past couple of months he’s been a picky eater, leery of anything new. Now he’s liable to climb up your leg if you’ve got something he’s interested in. Here are a few of the things he just discovered:

  • Peas & carrots
  • Diced peaches & pears
  • Mint girl scout cookies
  • Pizza with pepperoni and sausage
  • Mommy’s bran muffins
  • Daddy’s oatmeal with whipped cream
  • Ice cream with chocolate syrup

He has a funny habit of sorting his food. We’re not exactly sure what his system is, but he moves some of his food to the side of his tray, and then returns it to the middle before eating it.
Other new skills include: clapping, waving, and climbing. His vocabulary has expanded to include: gah (dog), Mama, Dada, hay, bye bye, ball, ook (book), boa (boat), and uh oh.

Avery loves to hang out in his chair.

We painted the living/dining room last week while Avery was sleeping.

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