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Layla Turns Six!

Layla turned six this year. At six, Layla is sweet, spunky and smart as a whip. This girl doesn’t miss a beat and is always trying to either keep up with her brothers or herd them! We are so thankful for this little girl, who rounds out our family perfectly.

Last night as a five-year-old

We celebrated with a gymnastics party and it was a hit! Layla wants to be a gymnastics teacher when she grown up.

Addie, Evangeline, Brittan, Paz & Layla

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Nicole’s High School Graduation

Our niece, Nicole, graduated with honors from high school in June and is WWU bound. We couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful, smart woman she’s become. Way to go, Nicole! Can’t wait to see what you do!

The day before we headed to Pullman, we found out Manivanh tested positive for Covid. Sadly, this left her out of much of the festivities they’d all been looking forward to for a long time. Kieron, Grammy and Papa, and I headed east that day. The next morning, Jonathan tested positive, which meant he couldn’t drive over with Avery, Silas & Layla. It was pretty disappointing the wrench Covid threw in this event, but we made the most of it.

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin

Pullman High School, Class of 2022

Earlier that day…

At Nicole’s graduation party, the following day

We went to Nicole’s track banquet while Scott and Manivanh prepared for the graduation party. Nicole was constantly being recognized on stage, as a team captain, MVP, scholar athlete, and so on. I can tell her team will miss her.

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Donuts with a grownup

Track meet

This cutie came to visit me when I was subbing in high school health

Visiting Grammy and Papa

Middle School track meet

We went to Lake Chelan with our friends, the Estes, over Memorial break

Kieron, Layla, Hudson, Landry & Silas

With Darcey and Tricia

We took the kids go karting

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Kieron Turns Twelve

Kieron turned twelve in May. At twelve, Kieron is still as sweet and sensitive as ever, and he still wants to be a chef or own a restaurant. For his birthday, he really wanted to make sushi for us. It turned out delicious! We love you so much, little chef!

This boy loves Aahar!

He helped make his mint oreo ice cream cake


More cooking classes!

For his birthday, Kieron took a few friends to a movie and then they came back to the house to celebrate. Here he is with Liam, Ethan, Alex and Seth.

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Daddy’s birthday!     

Another tooth bites the dust!

Celebrating Grammy’s birthday

We got dressed up do go to a Trail Youth Benefit

Playing at Bellevue Park

Pool day

I subbed in music one day. Layla came to help me close up at the end of the day.

Kieron doing a relay at his track meet

Celebrating Dads birthday with Nana

Got his learner’s permit!

My friend, Darcy’s, 50th birthday party!   

Gabby, Wendy. Darcy, me & Ashley

Annie, Ashley, Gabby, Darcey, Tricia, Bobbi, me & Wendy

Skiing with friends at the end of April

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