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Visit from Nana

We hadn’t seen Nana since January due to the pandemic! She came one weekend in July for a visit. It was great catching up and getting to spend some time together.

We made homemade pizzas

I ordered the kids Kiwi Crates earlier in July. They arrived while Nana was here. They’re really cool! Layla got a rainbow kit, Kieron got a felt succulent garden, and Silas built a paint spinner.

Avery got a ukelele to build from scratch!

We’re starting a ukelele band – any name ideas?

The kids got Nana on the trampoline!

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Here’s what we were up to in June!

We got a new pizza oven

Ballet Zoom lesson

Dance dance revolution at a friends house

Blume Dolls with Clare

Trying on Mommy’s engagement ring

Silas did 23&me

Our first season of swim team  – go Tiger Sharks! (Covid = no meets.)

Lessons for Layla

The TRES principal got a new job. The kids left chalk messages for her at the school one evening.

Hanging out during Kieron’s riding lessons

Kieron and Flash

More pizza

Avery got a 4.0 during quarantine and earned himself some money, which he spent on a pull-up bar. It’s so weird seeing it in his doorway. It’s like a notice that we have a teen in the house!

Kieron’s trying!

So is Silas

Carjacking the neighbor’s power wheel

Avery spent a week with the Avery’s of Pullman. We met Uncle Scott & Andrew halfway to get him there. He had a great time with Andrew.

Building a (bigger) shed

This 3D card from Silas is one of my favorites. Each side had a positive affirmation on it!

“Oh deer!”

Facebook messenger-ing with her friend, Portia

Our neighbors made us a squirrel feeder, which we installed on the fence outside our kitchen window

They are SO fun to watch!

Kieron and Suki

Dentist visit

“No, Phoebe!”

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Lindsey Turns 40

Birthday season at our household ended with my 40th. I had to cancel (postpone) a planned girl’s trip to Arizona, which I am now very glad I did. But my family and friends managed to spoiled me anyway. I felt very loved!

Mani/pedis with my bestie

And a little wine tasting

Then, surprise!

With Caroline, Jacqui, Carrie, Niki, Mindee & Amy (Lyndsey arrived later)

Chipotle burritos for everyone

With Niki

At the end of the night – puzzle time!

My little bakers

Grammy and Papa came to celebrate later in the week

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Quarantine Boat

In May we decided it was time for a boat. The pandemic helped speed this decision along. Earlier in the year we had discussed renting boats over the summer, but this no longer seemed like a viable option and we now owned a car that could pull a trailer. This little 19′ Triumph gets our family out on the water and has proven to be a ton of fun already!

First time taking it out on Lake Sammamish

Just a little bit happy to be on the water again!

Happy hour

Aver LOVES driving the boat

Silas is getting used to it

We found Seeta and Phani’s house

First time bringing the boat back in. It’s a little hard to see, but the look on Jonathan’s face says it all. First time was a bit stressful!

Another (more sunny) day on the boat, this time with a bigger tube.

Yet another day. This time the Lotts came with us.

We pulled to boat up on this little sand bar

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Seniors of 2020 Parade

We’re all suffering our own losses during this pandemic, but one group I really feel for are the teenagers and people in their early 20’s – but especially the high school seniors. There are so many rites of passage, from prom to senior parties, to graduation to college visits. Our community came together and put on a parade for the Mount Si seniors and I thought it was WAY more fun than a graduation ceremony! Residents came out and lined the parkway to support our seniors. Avery and Layla joined me and the Lotts  to cheer them on. This experience also helped get Avery excited about high school, which is only a little over a year away!

Coolest ride!

Whoever these parents are, they went a TAD overboard. I also think it was tacky to include their seniors name on the banner. Class of 2020 would  have been sufficient!

I got totally verklempt when Caroline’s daughter, Ashlyn, drove by and saw us.

“Yay, Wildcats!”

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