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Just before school started, we visited Bybee Farms for our annual blueberry picking family outing. We’ve gone each summer since 2009, when Avery was the age Kieron is now. It’s fun to look at our old posts and see how the boys have grown, and how their blueberry picking has evolved.

I can’t say any of them were much help this year. Don’t get me wrong, they picked plenty of blueberries, but most went in their bellies, not their buckets! Fortunately, they kept themselves occupied long enough for Daddy and I to collect a few pounds worth before Silas said it was time to go. All in all, a fun morning!

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Silas the Six Month Old

Little Si turned six months old on September 1st! Our sleepy little newborn is now a loud, flirty, smiley, quite rambunctious little guy. He loves to bounce, roll, suck his toes, and screech. He’s always moving his legs, and he loves to watch his older brothers.

He started solids the day after his half-birthday, and what a champ he was. He stared at the spoon with anticipation, reached out for the bowl, and gobbled up his food. So far he’s tried and enjoyed rice cereal, winter squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and yogurt.

I took in him for his six month well baby visit. Doc says he’s a healthy guy, and right on track. Interestingly enough, he’s the smallest of our boys (both shortest and lightest). At six months of age, he’s 1 lb and 2″ smaller than Avery was, and 4lbs, 1″ smaller than Kieron. I suppose if we had to give them labels, Avery would be our lanky, Kieron our tanky, and Silas our tiny. Here are his stats:

Height: 26.5 in (40.93%)
Weight: 16 lb 9 oz (30.5%)
Head: 17.01″ (43.4%)

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End of Summer

Here are a few random shots from the last few days before school started:

Silas likes it when his brothers visit him at the counter

Avery practicing writing his name

A couple cute head shots

Licking the batter of a chocolate kahlua cheesecake

This child isn’t afraid to get messy

Eyeing dinner

Kieron on the climbing wall at our park

At the top!

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Last Camping Trip of Summer

As the end of summer approached, Jonathan and the boys squeezed in another day hike and one more camping trip. The boys loved getting outdoors and Avery was eager to go back to the same camp site that he went to last summer. The boys did some day hikes from the campground and explored the forest and river. Avery and Kieron are good little pals on trips like this, and really enjoyed their special time with Daddy.

Woah! Not Mommy approved!

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Tooth Fairy

Avery has been wiggling a loose tooth for the past month or so, and consuming lots of apples and corn-on-the-cob too! His new, adult tooth was even pushing up behind it, giving Avery “shark teeth,” which he thought was very cool. I have to say, a child with his first loose tooth is awfully cute! Avery was so proud of this right of passage, showing anyone he could, “wanna see my looth tooth!?”

Well wouldn’t you know it, the tooth finally came out an hour after Jonathan left for an overnight backpacking trip with a buddy! Avery bolted in from the back yard beaming, holding it up, “Mommy, my tooth came out!” Sweet boy that he is, he said he wanted to keep it until Daddy got back so he could show him before he gave it to the tooth fairy. So that’s what we did. The tooth fairy left him a silver half dollar.

The next day we counted all of Avery’s money (he saved $40.11), and he decided he wanted to spend some of it on a new toy for himself. We went to the toy store, and he bought a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Set (seriously, the boy doesn’t have enough Legos yet?) Oh well, his choice.

And a few shots from Jason and Jonathan’s backpacking trip at Rachel Lake

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