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Weekend in Bellingham

Last weekend we drove up to Bellingham to visit friends. We always look forward to our trips back to the town where we went to college, fell in love, and started a family. We visited as many of our favorite spots as we could with two little boys under tow.

As usual, Avery and Bjorn had a blast together. They went on bike rides, played on the slip ‘n slide and in the sand box, and ate all the currants from Jen & Oliver’s back yard. Notable conversations we overheard included one about where babies come from. Avery insisted you could buy them at the hospital, while Bjorn had a more accurate understanding of what goes on. Also, Bjorn, who believes the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are are not real, was surprised and alarmed when Avery told him they are in fact real, and live in the forest on nearby Lummi Island.

On Sunday, Jonathan met up with some co-workers at the Brewers by the Bay Beer Festival. He had a great time visiting with his coworkers who he doesn’t get to see often enough, and enjoyed sampling many of the great local microbrews.

Avery and Bjorn

Checking out the garden

So cute reading together at bedtime. Too bad they wouldn’t quit talking and go to sleep!

The lovely organic produce at the farmer’s market

The boys enjoyed a nice bike ride down by the water

Lindsey and Jennifer

Jonathan’s co-workers, Tom and Jayson

Vanessa and Tom

Here’s a fun video about Bellingham

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Cool Summer

There may be heat waves all over the country, but we sure aren’t having any in Western Washington! We’ve lived in the northwest more than (gasp!) 20 years, and can’t recall a summer so cool, rainy, and disappointing. But that’s not to say we haven’t had any decent days, there have been some. In fact, July Fourth was the prettiest day all year.

It’s been a fun and busy summer so far, with visits from Uncle Scott and Nana & Grandpa, dinners with friends, birthday parties galore, picnics in the back yard, a garage sale, the Nordstrom Sale, and lots and lots of walks and bike rides.

Kieron reached a big milestone just after he turned fourteen months. He started walking, and as expected, this spells trouble. He’s now into anything and everything, and that helmet is coming in mighty handy these days!

Uncle Scott came to visit the last weekend in June, here’s our attempt at a pic with him

Avery loves homemade banana nut bread with Constant Comment tea (yes, tea in July)

Kieron – very close to walking

Having a ball at the bounce house

4th of July Parade, Avery & Hayden watching

Then at the end we joined in the parade

Aw, matching July 4th plaid shirts

Phil & Brooklyn

The fair after the parade

Avery wanted to swap sunglasses for a while

Mmmmmm, an excuse to make cupcakes!

Random cute baby pics:

Ta da! Look who’s walking!

Nana & Avery with Thomas the Train

Snoqualmie Falls

The boys enjoying Pirate Booty in the back yard

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Downtown Snoqualmie

We didn’t get enough beautiful sunny days in June, but we did get a few. We spent this one in downtown Snoqualmie checking out the little shops and the railroad museum, and ended up at the brewery for lunch.

Here’s Avery hamming it up in front of a mural of some logging trucks

Someone got tired and took over the jogger

Almost walking!

Pointing out a dinosaur by the Snoqualmie River

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Kieron’s First Haircut

At almost fourteen months old, Kieron was starting to sport a serious mullet, and we determined it was time for his first haircut. His helmet served as the perfect guide for trimming the back!

While I was putting Kieron’s hair in his baby book, I took a quick look in Avery’s to see how old he was when I gave him his first haircut. It was interesting to note that Avery only made it 11 1/2 months until his first trim. Also, both baby book hair samples are the same shade.

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Biker Boy

It’s been about a month since Avery learned to ride his two wheeler, and we are so proud of all the progress he’s made. A few weeks ago we met up with some friends at the local “bike safety rodeo.” The police and fire departments were there to help teach the youngsters all about safe riding. They had obstacle courses set up, complete with stop signs where the kids practiced checking for cars, crosswalks to walk bikes across, cones, and even some jumps.

It was only a matter of time before Avery had his first big crash, and after a couple of weeks, he got that out of his way. He now has a healthy respect for his bike and is much better at remembering to keep his feet on the pedals!

First big owie (he also scraped his side and another knee)

Riding in the trailer with Daddy

Kieron’s not so sure about this

The view from a bike ride

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