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Visit from the Avery’s

Nicole had a track event up north in June, so she, Andrew and Uncle Scott paid us a visit on their way there. Andrew stayed with us for a few days during the event, and we were happy to get some extra time with him. On their way back we got to visit more with Nicole and Uncle Scott. We missed Aunt Manivanh, but we were thankful for the time we got.

These boys got flipped once!

Silas, riding home in the tube

Silas and Layla went to a movie night at the Christian’s

These boys hung out one afternoon while Avery had a rowing camp

With my bro

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Here’s what we were up to in June. But first, in case you ever wondered what our family would look like as cartoon characters, here we are:

Avery got vaxed

The three of us took a little day trip to B’ham

Of course we went to Mallard’s Ice Cream

Outside Rumor’s Cabaret

Jonathan’s with his rowing buddies, Gabe & James. Gabe’s mom passed away and they went down for her funeral.

Fun fact: I fell in love with Gabe’s parent’s house and the way his mom decorated it when we spent one 4th of July there. Much of it has been redone in the 20 years since, but here’s part of the kitchen.

Jono, James & Joe, together again. I’m sure they didn’t get into any trouble.

Layla & Clare – besties!

Literally climbing the walls

Just a little chipmunk taunting our pets

Uno with Maggie & Layla

Playing with the new Barbie camper

Silas was thrilled to sit in James’ Tesla when he came to visit

Free dress day at ballet

Notice the three Belles

Returning library books

These two play so well together!

Hot dog!

Kitty love

Avery is always tinkering with the lighting in his room. Here’s his under-the-bed lights.

Chalk art by Layla

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Summer Swim League

The kids all joined ¬†swim team at The Club again this summer. Here are pictures from June, lots of practice and a few meets at the end of the month. July will be full of meets. We’ve seen so much growth already in all our kids, especially Layla, who started the season barely swimming and can now make it safely all over the pool. Go Tiger sharks!

Relaxing at a meet

Matthew & Avery

Kieron, Avery, Layla & Hayden

Playing at the pool one evening

Found Layla and Miles having a quiet conversation during one of the meets!

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Lindsey’s Birthday in Bellingham

My favorite things are family and the water, so we went to Bellingham to celebrate my birthday on Lake Whatcom this year. Although we love our community in Snoqualmie it always feels like going home when we’re up there. We had a ton of fun playing outside, got to visit with some of our old neighbors and had a date night at Aslan. All in all, a good day!

Lunch at Fiamma Burger

Visiting with Nicole

Party at our old beach

We headed to Reville Island for a while

Time to head back for the evening

The kids were dying to eat at their favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden, so we ordered in for them and went on a date at Aslan. It’s nice now that the kids are old enough to do this type of thing!

Day 2

With Ann & Mary

At the rope swing with Byron & Joe

Joe was quite the rope swing guy!

Our kids all took turns jumping from the tree limb

Opening cards from my sweet family

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School’s Out for Summer

I think it’s safe to say the 2020-2021 school year was one we were all happy to see come to a close. The year started off remote and ended with a crazy hybrid schedule where none of our kids were on the same rotation. We were thankful to celebrate graduations for 3/4 of our children – from pre-k, elementary, and middle school. Lots of change on the way! We all made it and are looking forward to a fun summer and hopefully a more normal school year next fall. So proud of our kids for their resilience, hard work and positive attitudes through it all.

Grads! Hayden, Avery, Eddie, Hamza & Abdullah

8th Grade Grad!

Pre-K Graduation

Pre-K Grad!

Last day!

That’s a wrap on 5th grade and elementary school!

Done with 3rd Grade! (And that bruise on his thumbnail is from a Phoebe bite!)

Class of 2034?!

Ms. Claire & Layla

End of school year parade at the elementary. We basically all drove through and waved to our teachers.

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