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Avery + Brianna = Bravery

When we moved, Avery’s primary concern was that we would be further from Brianna. They met in preschool last year and continued at a new preschool together this year. The pair has grown close, and apparently even eloped one day at preschool with a mock wedding and some dancing! They are pretty stinkin’ adorable, playing house together, dress-up (usually as pirates), holding hands, and hugging goodbye. Fortunately, Snoqualmie is not that far away, so there are still frequent play dates!

Sitting next to each other at the table was not enough, so Avery invited Brianna to sit on his chair with him

While she was on vacation at the Oregon coast. So cute!

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So what’s new lately? Kieron is getting around quite well these days. He now does everything but walk, and he’s not too far from adding that skill. Baby gates are up, cabinet latches are on. Pantry door must stay shut. He likes to go in there to look for food. He’s also communicating more and more. It’s adorable!

Avery has attended swim lessons for the past few weeks. He’s really excelling and making lots of improvement. I can tell he’s gaining a lot of confidence in the water, which is great!

He also learned to ride a two-wheeler this week! The bike we got Avery for his birthday will be good for him to grow into, but we realized it’s just too big for him right now. So we picked up a smaller one on Craigslist, and within a day or two he was riding around on his own. His old bike was one of the ones without pedals, so he would learn to balance first, then add in pedaling. I definitely think it’s the way to go. We were able to skip training wheels all together. Our house is across the street from a cul-de-sac, and there are gobs of little boys in the neighborhood. The neighbors put up cones and all the little kids zip around while the parents socialize and supervise.

Here are a few recent pics of the boys

Bottom Scooting

Posing for the camera

Avery after watching Kung Fu Panda

Avery sipping tea from a shot glass

Climbing stairs!

Let go of me! I’m trying to concentrate!

Kieron cruisin’ the bench during Avery’s swim lesson

Guess who learned to ride a two-wheeler this week!

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All Caught Up!

Here are a bunch of random cute pictures of our little boys (and one of us) from the past couple of months. I’m officially all caught up on blogging… for now.

“They call me Captain Fork.”

Date night! We headed out to our 4th Death Cab for Cutie concert together.

Avery LOVES legos! He and Jonathan built a firetruck together.

A little edamame with your salt?

Avery & Jackson enjoy popsicles together on a sunny day

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