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Here are a few pics from February. Although it was a leap year, it flew by fast! We were fortunate to have lots of beautiful days to play outside.

Silas used these fort boards to close off the kitchen in the playroom.
IMG_8620 IMG_8624

Jonathan started a new job at Health Catalyst, where transforming healthcare is their passion. Here he his with his new hire package which arrived in the mail, and much to Silas’ joy included a Transformer!

Jonathan and Silas went to Vancouver for a weekend to say goodbye to his PeaceHealth coworkers and visit Nana. On Saturday morning I lured Avery and KieronĀ out for an early bike ride with the promise of donuts.
IMG_8641 IMG_8652 IMG_8655 IMG_8658

Then for dinner we had a date at Ana’s Mexican Restaurant

The nursery is progressing quite nicely. I love the way it’s turning out!


Most notable pregnancy craving: sour kraut

Followed by Mini Wheats. Unusual pairing, but it’s better than you might expect!

At the park with Silas

Digging in the back yard. I need to get them started on a French drain for the side yard!IMG_8680

Kieron with his buddy, Liam

Avery helping Jonathan clean the gutters. (Not really, we would never send him up that high!)

Silas the caterpillar, modeling all of his underwear!

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