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September 2019

Here’s the rest of what our family was up to in September:

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New Patio

At the end of summer we did some landscaping. We had a new, larger patio put in and we had the retaining wall in the back of our yard extended so we could reclaim some of our yard that sloped toward the woods. Unfortunately, the concrete guys filled in the whole dug out area, which went about a foot beyond the markers where the patio was supposed to extend, so the patio is a bit larger and less curvy than we intended, but overall it’s a big improvement. Next up: plants and trees!

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In September Jonathan and I got away for a week in Mexico. It was our first time being away that long since we had Avery! We had a wonderful time relaxing, eating, playing in the water and soaking up the sun. We’re so thankful to Nana for taking care of all of the kids while we were away.

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Mt. Si High School

The new Mount Si High School project finished just in time for the start of the school year. Jonathan, Avery, Layla and I went to the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony and got to tour the new campus. It is pretty amazing — three stories tall and built on stilts (it is on a relatively small parcel in a flood plane and will serve up to 2300 students). Hard to believe we’ll start our long journey as MSHS parents in less than two years! I’m so excited our kids get to go here!

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Snapchat II

The kids and I had some more fun playing with Snapchat filters. It amazes me how they love playing with this app so much! They crowd around my phone begging to see each filter on their face. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to bring out the ham in all of them!

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