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Memorial Day Weekend

I’m headed back to work after a busy weekend. Having an extra day was nice, but it came to an end too quickly.
On Saturday I helped photograph a wedding for one of my photographer buddies. I had a great time at the wedding. When I got home Lindsey and Avery were both still smiling. They had taken at least one long walk around the neighborhood.
On Sunday we had an outdoor BBQ with Scott, Manivanh, and Nicole. Sunday was cold and rainy so we didn’t stay too long. Next we headed over to Redmond Town Center to get a hot coffee and visit the shops.
This was Avery’s first trip to Starbucks. (bad cell phone pic)

Next we visited Abercrombie. (bad cell phone pic)

On Monday afternoon I rented a tiller at Home Depot and tore up our backyard. The top soil we had brought in last summer was all packed down and hard to rake. The tiller made it all nice and soft again. This week I’ll be raking in the evenings, and then we’ll get the yard hydroseeded.

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Babies Everywhere

Congratulations to our friends, Jim and Renee, who welcomed their son, Logan James, into the world on May 22nd. Jim and I rowed together and were roomates in college. Renee was our coxswain.
Congratulations also to Scott and Manivanh (Lindsey’s brother and sister-in-law), who are expecting their second child the day after Christmas. Lindsey and I can’t wait to have another little niece or nephew and Avery is looking forward to meeting his new cousin.

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Two Months Old – Ouch!

Two months ago Avery was born. To help him celebrate we took him to the doctor’s office so he could get a look at the guy that ushered him into the world. Avery had a good time visiting the doc, but then as we were getting ready to leave the sneaky nurse got out her collection of syringes. Five shots later — two in one leg, three in the other — Avery became the recipient of several band-aids.
[Update] Yesterday at the doctor’s office Avery weighed 13.0 pounds and he was 24 1/2 inches long.
Avery’s first band-aid.

Earlier, before the trip to the doctor’s office.

Our sweet little angel.

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Not Coming Out of the Closet

This morning Commodus was caught hanging out in my closet on top of my sweatshirt. I’m not sure why? Perhaps he was trying to get some peace and quite away from the noisy baby?
At any rate. Commodus isn’t coming out of the closet. At least not this morning.

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UW Street Fair

Yesterday we went to the UW Street Fair with my sister, her friend, my parents, and Old Nana. Lindsey and I sampled lots of different food including: lamb gyro, philly cheesesteak, piroshky, elephant ear, and apple dumping. It was delicious!
Avery slept the whole time. What a good little boy.
Avery, descending on the chaos below.

Old Nana sampling a corn dog.

The philly cheesesteak chef.


Lindsey likes pushing her baby around.

Avery + Daddy behind a frat house.

Croc love.

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