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Avery d’Artiste

I wasn’t sure about the cardboard house Lindsey brought home from Costco, but it turned out to be a great idea. That evening we opened up the finger paints, stripped Avery down and let him decorate. He had a blast getting messy, and we had a lot of laughs.

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Big Boy Bed

Avery graduated to a big boy bed at the end of August. He started climbing out of his crib and jumping up and down on the mattress like a trampoline, so we knew it was time to make the switch. It took a couple weeks to get him acclimated, but now things are going smoothly and Avery is enjoying his new space.

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Avery the Wedding Guest

A couple weekends ago we went to a friends wedding in Bellingham. It was Avery’s first wedding. Since I regularly photograph weddings Avery thought the main reason we were going to the wedding was to take pictures. He brought his camera and wore an adorable little outfit that Mommy chose.

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Blueberry Picking

On Sunday we went to a u-pick blueberry farm in North Bend. It had to be one of the funnest outings we’ve ever had with Avery. We gave Avery a bucket and showed him where the blueberries were. He started plucking them off and eating them, and then he’d put a few in the bucket, and then he’d eat the ones in the bucket. I don’t think his bucket ever had more than a few berries in it at a time. Luckily Mommy and I made up for Avery’s snacking and we managed to collect about three pounds. I think we might go back next weekend for more.

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