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Layla – Five Months Old

Layla turned five months old in November. I love the how her photos turned out! She is so cute and expressive. As you will see I had a hard time culling the photos!

Bathing beauty loves the tub!

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November was another busy month, and on top of that my computer broke. It took us a while to sort everything out and eventually replace it, so I blame being almost two months behind on blogging on this. Expect a flurry of posts in the coming days. Here’s some of what we were up to leading up to Thanksgiving:

These two sweethearts have been joining me at night when I put Layla to bed. They sing songs with me and are becoming quite familiar with The Sound of Music soundtrack! I’m in heaven!

When he comes home from school in the afternoons, sometimes he likes to do this:

Happy girl!

For Veteran’s Day Kieron had to bring this star to class with the name of a veteran on it. He proudly chose Grandpa. ūüôā ¬†¬†

Almost time for Turkey Day!

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Kieron the Yellow Belt

Kieron had (and passed) his first belt test in karate in November. He was so proud and excited to move up to a yellow belt. I feel like we’ve found a great¬†activity for this boy. He can be quiet and sensitive, but he really packs a punch! We are so proud of him!

Earlier practices

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Snoqualmie Falls

We had a ton of rain at the end of October/beginning of November and the Snoqualmie river was raging. We took the kids¬†to see the falls (only a couple miles from our home). The hike down¬†was considerably easier than in years past with a young Silas. The boys were sprinting ahead of us checking out all the cool plants and trees. And Layla was happy as can be on Jonathan’s back.

Me and my boys

Jonathan and his little girl

The falls


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