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Death Cab for Cutie @ Mt. Baker Theatre

Last night we went to a concert in Bellingham with our good friends Jennifer & Oliver. We saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Mt. Baker Theatre. They’re a world famous indie band that started in Bellingham around the same time Lindsey and I went to college there.

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First Boating Trip

Avery had a big adventure this morning. We took him out in the boat for his first time. At first Avery was a little overwhelmed by the noisy engine, but once we stopped and brought out some apple slices he started having a good time.
We haven’t really used the boat since before Avery was born, and have been thinking about selling it to make room in the garage. Now I’m not so sure. It was really nice getting out and enjoying the lake. The boat ramp is less than five minutes from our house too.

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Pine Cones

A couple nights ago we took Avery to Lake Wilderness to check out the park. There wasn’t a playground but we did find some pine cones near the water. Avery figured out how to throw them in pretty quickly, and then it was difficult to get him to leave.

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Garbage Day

Today was garbage day and our son loves garbage trucks. He woke up just in time to watch them collecting our recycling.

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Easter Egg Hunt

We went down to Vancouver for the weekend and took Avery to an easter egg hunt at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Avery warmed up by collecting rocks in his basket, then he managed to nab three easter eggs during the 30 second free-for-all in the under-three division (some of those parents are quick). Shortly after, the easter bunny himself arrived in helicopter, which stirred up a fierce bark dust storm. He sure knows how to make an entrance.

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