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Omelette Party 2008

Here are a few pictures from the Omelette Party, which follows the Sausage Fest. The party became a tradition before Lindsey and I were born. Every year it’s pretty much the usual suspects, give or take a few.

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Vancouver Sausage Fest 2008

I’m way behind with my blogging. Earlier in the month we went down to Vancouver for the Sausage Fest. It’s a big carnival with rides, food (including sausage) and a beer garden. It was a pretty good time. Avery was too small for most of the rides, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Testing the weight limit of the hot air balloon ride.

I remember winning, but the photo suggests otherwise.

Avery and Cayden.

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Return to Tiger Mountain

I’m on a bit of a blogging spree tonight. Must be because the TV programing as of late has been extremely mediocre. Hehe.
Well, last night at 5:00 PM we got in the van and headed over to Tiger Mountain. We hiked it a few weeks ago and had a great time. This latest trip was also really good, though we should have started our adventure an hour earlier. At the top Avery was extremely well behaved, sitting down between Lindsey and I and munching on some graham crackers.

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Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

On the way back from the beach we stopped at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. It’s most famous for being the home of the Hughes H-4 Hercules (aka Spruce Goose). I’m the “always-dreaming-of-flying-one-day” type, so for me it was an incredible place to visit. The H-4 is such an amazing airplane. You don’t realize how massive it is until you see it in person.
The plane Daddy would love to fly (Piper Cub).

Avery and Grandpa checking out the F-14.

Avery kissing Mommy.

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Beach Trip

Over Labor Day weekend we made a trip to the Oregon coast with my parents. We had a nice time visiting and exploring the area. Avery really enjoyed the beach. He flew several kites with Nana, played in the sand, and on several occasions zealously tried to march directly into the ocean. Lindsey and I had several outings while my parents looked after Avery. We visited the extremely crowded Tillamook Cheese Factory and also did some outlet mall shopping in Lincoln City.

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