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Whoo Hoo a Jumperoo!

We made a very wise investment last week. We bought a Jumperoo for Avery. It’s his new favorite thing.
On Saturday we loaded Avery (and the Jumperoo) into the van and went to photograph a friends wedding in Vancouver. Grandpa King babysat Avery and Commodus while we were away.
We brought a bottle of bubbles home from the wedding. Yesterday we decided to blow them at Avery and see what he thought. He wasn’t too interested, but Commodus went crazy. He ran all around the kitchen trying to pop them in his mouth.
Avery is his Jumperoo.

Commodus eating bubbles.

Avery joins us for dinner.

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Napping with Daddy

On Sunday I had an all-night server upgrade project at work. By the time Monday evening rolled around I was exhausted. However I still managed to drive up to Google’s office in Kirkland to see a presentation by Vint Cerf, the man who is often credited with creating the Internet.
This afternoon I was finally able to catch up on much needed sleep. Avery decided to join me for some cuddles.

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Four Months Old

Avery turned four months today. He sure has changed a lot since he was born. In addition to rolling over Avery is reaching out for things, babbling frequently, and he’s discovered his feet. He’s very sweet natured, flirty, and loves smiling for everyone.

Avery is fitting into his jogging stroller.

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Avery Rolls Over!

Avery must have known we’ve had a difficult week, because he found the perfect way to make us smile. He rolled over by himself for the very first time. In fact, now anytime we place him on his back he quickly winds up on his tummy.
What a clever little boy!

Commodus explains how to roll over in only two pictures.

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My Grandpa

Today we had some very sad news from New Zealand. My Grandpa passed away this morning in his sleep. He lived an extrodinary life and had quite an influence on me growing up. We’ll miss him very much.
Here are a few of my favorite images of my Grandpa from past trips to New Zealand.
Grandpa and I at his timber factory.

When we were both a little younger.

Grandpa and Lindsey.

Showing off his fly fishing wall.

He was the International Fly and Plug Casting Champion in 1962.

One of my favorite pictures of us together in 2000.

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