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Here’s what we were up to in May. But first, an adorable Frenchie pic:

Chipmunk visitor

And a squirrel

I had fun playing with an app on my iPhone

Kieron’s 5th grade state float project

Logan’s birthday party

A pupacino for our pooch

Yoshi, exploring the great outdoors

Just a chipmunk teasing poor Yoshi

These three… all in one pic!

These two are often close to one another

Kieron sculpted this scorpion out of clay

We got some bamboo for our new planter in the backyard. It was a lot of work digging it up and dragging it home!

In Costco without masks! We took a pic to commemorate it. Too bad it didn’t last long.


Art projects

Counting down the days to kindergarten

Mailing a letter to his pen pal, Porter

Sleepover with Phoebe

Kieron earned the ice skating merit badge


“Please play with me.”

Kieron pet sat for our neighbor’s adorable cat, Mr. Purrington

We got a slip ‘n slide

Silas loves his Kiwi Crates!

We tried some pink hair

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Beginning of Boating Season

We got our boat back in May and promptly headed to Lake Sammamish. The first day on the water was a sad one as there were engine problems and we had to cut things very short. Silas helped Jonathan fix the boat over the next week and we were back at it the next weekend. The kids were excited to take Phoebe with us, although I think she was more nervous than happy about being on the water.

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Dance Recital

Layla had her ballet recital at the end of May. Here she is with Maggie & Clare on picture day.

Matching masks

Dress rehearsal

The big day!

They danced to Rainbow Connection

Look at her arabesque! (She’s in the middle back.)

After the show

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Spring Sports

Spring sports were in full swing in May. Layla did soccer, Kieron tried flag football, and all the kids participated in summer swim league.

“Put us in!”

Not a bad place to practice swimming

Flag football

More swimming. The whole wet mask thing was a little weird.

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50 Miler

The boys all participated in ┬áthe Boy Scouts 50 miler this spring. They started out on bikes, then hiked and canoed the rest. We’re so proud of them!

Camping out at the YAC

The Court of Honor

Retiring flags

Jonathan’s paddling buddy

Joe and Logan

Pizza after it was all over

These pics are from a hike up Mount Si the weekend prior to the 50 miler

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