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Seattle Aquarium

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Seattle, and we had a great time playing in the city. In the morning we met up with some clients to chat about their wedding at Joe Bar. The coffee was phenomenal, and it was a great spot to spend some time hanging out. The only downside was the long line which prevented me from getting a second coffee.
Afterwards we took Avery to the Seattle Aquarium for his first glimpse at marine life. Lindsey and I hadn’t been in years, so it was fun to explore. We ended up getting a membership. We’ll have to take Avery back when he’s a little older.
Finally we met up with some friends and their daughter at a park. It turns out they’re pregnant again with number “last”. Good work guys.

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Mr. Mischief

I like this shirt Lindsey chose for Avery. He’s not really mischievous (yet), but it’s still pretty cute.
Between crawling and walking behind his push cart Avery gets around pretty well. We’re going to put the push cart away for a couple days and see if he can take some steps without it.

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Avery’s 1st caucus… and ours too

Yes we can! And we did.
Today was caucus day in Washington state. After walking to the local high school armed with Cheerios and Goldfish crackers, we crowded into the gym to vote and elect delegates. In our neighborhood, we sent four delegates for Barack and one for Hillary. Avery was a great sport throughout the process, smiling and staying generally quiet.

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Nicole turns four

In January our niece, Nicole, celebrated her fourth birthday. The little girls got all dressed up for the princess-themed party. We’ve been meaning to put up some pictures for a couple weeks. Here they are….

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10-Month Checkup

We took Avery to the doctors office on Tuesday for a checkup. In December when we took Avery in he had the flu and his weight was a little low. Since then we (read: Mommy) have been making sure our son gets plenty to eat. She’s really good about getting him to try new things, and very tolerant when he doesn’t cooperate. I find it more difficult to bear.
The sad news is our doctor, who recently became a father himself, is leaving the 15-hour-days in family practice in favor of 12-hour-days in the urgent care clinic. He’s been a great doctor for us, throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and first 10 months of Avery’s life. We’ll miss seeing him.

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