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November Medley

Wow, it’s the end of December! Life got really busy over the holidays, so I suspended blogging for a while and now it’s catch-up time. The following pictures pretty much sum up November leading up to Thanksgiving.
Here’s a cute shot of the boys with their friend, Wiktor. They were snacking on goldfish and watching Mr. Bean.

Wiktor’s little brother, Fryderyk (a few weeks younger than Silas)

Election Day – Silas sported Avery’s shirt from four years ago

Here’s our new 5th District State Senator, Mark Mullet, delivering his victory speech! We spent election night at his party at Zeek’s Pizza in Issaquah. Lucky for us, it was a dang good night! 😉

The boys playing tic-tac-toe together

Kieron grinding walnuts for banana nut bread

Silas watching and snacking on puffs

Dumping the flour

A dance party/wrestling match (sometimes the lines get pretty blurry)

Si with Daddy and gorilla


Mid November Jonathan went to see Ben Gibbard (lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service) at Washington Hall . We originally had tickets to see him together, but I came down with pneumonia. You know I was feeling really bad since I missed this concert!

One of Avery’s creations

The boys helping bake a pie

Si’s cute smile!

Love those lashes!

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Family Portraits

We did family portraits in October. It was actually our first time having official family pictures taken since our wedding nine years ago! My friend from high school, Lyndsey, is a photographer in Utah. We coordinated a shoot while she was out for a weekend visiting. After weeks of sunshine, it started raining the day she arrived. Due to the weather, we ended up switching our destination from the Snoqualmie railroad museum to the Issaquah railroad museum and squeezed photos in between rain showers. They turned out great and we’re thrilled to have a variety of cute pictures of all of us together.

The boys had a fabulous time being models for someone else besides their parents. Avery still talks about it and can hardly wait to do pictures with Lyndsey again!

Friends since jr. high

The boys really wanted to wear their super hero shirts, so we told them if they were good boys for pictures, we would take some in them at the end.

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