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Dance Party

We have an iPod in our kitchen, and when we turn it on Avery likes to dance. So recently Avery will go over near the iPod and say “dance.” Lindsey and I, being obliging parents, put some music on, and then Avery starts dancing. It can be any sort of music. Sometimes it’s Kanye, othertimes it’s Van Morrison, or The Beatles. The funny part is that Avery likes to dance on a step stool. So when the music starts he’ll run and grab his stool from the pantry, set it up in the middle of the kitchen, and start jiving away. It’s incredibly funny to watch. Oh, and he also likes to wear sunglasses. Perhaps he’s channeling Ray Charles or Elton John?

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Happy Inauguration Day!

By now all our readers (whoever you are) know we’re devoted Obama supporters, so it should come as no surprise that we’re posting today. Considering the enormity of the event, it’s hard to know what to say. We both got misty-eyed watching Barack get sworn in as president. (Avery on the other hand just wanted to know why he couldn’t watch Caillou or Thomas the Train.) Lindsey and I both remember watching Barack’s speech at the 2004 convention, and saying to each other this guy should run for president. When he announced his candidacy two months before Avery was born, we knew it was a long-shot, but were hopeful. Now the day is here, and we felt like jumping on the couch the way Tom Cruise did on the Oprah show.
Shortly after the benediction, Lindsey and Avery went to the neighbors house for a champagne celebration/play date. I got back to work, where the 45 MB internet connection was completely saturated with employees watching the inauguration on their computers.
In summation, today was a good day.

“You’re my rock Mommy”

Avery witnesses history

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Avery’s new word

Tonight we were watching Barack Obama’s speech on CNN. Unprompted, Avery pointed at the TV and said “Obama!” Lindsey and I both smiled, and cheered. The other day in the car we were working on OOOO-BAAA-MAAAA with no success, so it was especially cute tonight when he said his name in context. And just in time for inauguration.
In other news, Lindsey finally got the “Mommy haircut.” It’s short, really cute, and only takes minutes to dry and style.

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Mr. Personality

The other day Lindsey reminded me that Avery is a dynamic little person. Every day he’s a little bit different, and we parents have to keep up. I’ve been keeping that piece of advice in mind these past few weeks. I can’t quite tell when it happened, but Avery has most definitely turned into a little boy, and his personality is becoming more distinct each day.
He’s a happy, easy-going, little guy and he seems to thrive off making us laugh. He likes to pretend to trip and fall down (sometimes quite dramatically). Each time, with a big grin, he’ll look up at us and say “[I’m] okay,” and get back up. Avery is also very good at playing by himself, and he’ll spend long periods of time concentrating on a detailed task, like lining all his trucks in a row.
Playing trucks in the morning.

Snuggling with Mommy and Commodus.

Dispensing clean laundry from the bed.

Sitting on the dog.

Ice cream at the little table.

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Happy New Year 2009

The holidays are over and 2009 is finally here. It looks like it’s going to be a very big year. In nineteen days Obama takes office and we’re all very hopeful that under his leadership we’ll get this country turned around. Lindsey and I are very much looking forward to seeing the year progress.
We had a great Christmas and spent lots of time with family. Lindsey’s parents and my sister, who has been busy with grad school this past year, came to town. Despite all the snow and ice we managed to make it to Lacey for Christmas Eve, and then down to Vancouver for Christmas Day.
It was a squeeze fitting everything into our AWD Subaru.

Santa visited us on xmas eve.

The cousins.

Avery loves his garbage truck…

and the hat Nana knitted him.

With “Asheee”

Avery climbed out of his pack ‘n play and carried the tool set upstairs.

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