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Spring is Here!

Such northwestern boys. I think it barely hit 70 degrees out a few weeks ago, and they all had their shirts off!

A few pics from our visit with Nana, Auntie Ashleigh, and Mark. Avery was feeling pretty goofy at the time.

A couple shots from Jonathan’s birthday. This is the first year he hasn’t chosen an ice cream cake. He decided to deviate from tradition and have marionberry pie instead. It didn’t go over very well. None of the boys wanted any – they said they’d rather just have ice cream. And since I’m not a fan of that pie either, Jonathan ended up with the whole thing to himself!
IMG_0067 IMG_0071

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At the end of March, we rented a pair of cabins with some friends (Andy, Jennifer, and their three kids) at Rasar State Park. We really lucked out with the weather. It was still pretty chilly, but it was dry and sunny. We had a playground, lots of open space to run around, and a very quiet road for riding bikes.


Mountain Man breakfast


IMG_2008 IMG_2011

Just a little yoga by the river
IMG_2025 IMG_2042 IMG_2052 IMG_2057


IMG_2073 IMG_2074

The boys loved their bunk beds. Here they are reading a book together on the top.
IMG_2080 IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2087

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Jonathan’s Surprise Party

Adult birthday parties have never been a big thing in our household. But this year I wanted to do something special for Jonathan. I decided that since we already had family in town for Avery’s birthday, this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Jonathan (his birthday is technically ten days later). So six hours after the horde of first graders left our house, Jonathan, Ashleigh, Mark, and I headed to the Snoqualmie Brewery for “drinks.”

Jonathan was totally speechless when his friends all yelled “surprise!” It was such a fun night, and we had a great time catching up with good friends.

2014-03-22 21.34.10

Jonathan and his work buddies, Tom, Jason, and Andy
2014-03-22 22.05.24

The Western Crew Team (well, 5 rowers and their coxswain anyway). Renee, Mike, Jonathan, James, Jim, and Josh).
2014-03-22 23.05.40

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King Avery Celebrates Seven Years of Reign

We are now the parents of a seven year old. Wow, when did that happen? Are we even old enough for that?

At seven, Avery is such a good kid. His favorite subjects in school are science, computer lab, and recess. He loves playing Legos, exploring the woods behind our house, riding his bike (he’s moved onto a bigger model with gears), and “saving” worms/building little boats for them. I always find bark and other little treasures in his pockets. Avery loves nature, mac ‘n cheese, and his little brothers. He’s discovered video games (ugh), and would play Minecraft or Sticky Ninja all day if I let him. His favorite book is The Indian in the Cupboard, and he now frequently speaks in broken English and asks to be called Little Bear. Imaginative child that he is, he even once fashioned a loincloth for himself and pretended to hunt with a bow and arrow. Avery is also very logical, and right now he is the king of delayed gratification. I really hope this sticks. He will work to earn things he wants, and he will take a bribe. I always think it’s fun to speculate about the future careers of my children based on their personality traits and current interests. Right now, I’d say Avery may become a scientist, engineer, environmental preservationist, or politician!

Avery’s seventh birthday party was a royal affair. He’s been very into knights lately, so the theme was an easy choice, plus, he loved the fact that he could be king! We didn’t get a dragon to show up, but The Reptile Man came with all of his cute, cuddly friends. I can’t say enough about this guy – he was awesome, and had a calm, mellow demeanor perfect for a party with fifteen first grade boys.


The kids kept busy coloring while everyone arrived

Time for the show! Here’s the monitor lizard.IMG_9934


This cute croc peed on our floor!

Aubrey & Hamza

Wiktor & Brooklyn





James and boa

Aubrey riding the tortoise


“Maybe no on will notice me filling up on popcorn during the show!”

The grande finale was this pretty python
IMG_9959 IMG_9961


IMG_9964  IMG_9969 IMG_9976 IMG_9977


IMG_9979 IMG_9980 IMG_9982

This rope snake was Avery’s favorite.

“This python makes a great boa!”

Avery said he wished the tortoise was a little fasterIMG_9989

Tortoises are attracted to the color red. This one headed for the stripes on the kitchen mat.
IMG_9996 IMG_9998


Auntie Ash

Jason & Jono



Present time!


Some down time with Nana.

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