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Happy Halloween!

We ran out of candy just in time for Avery’s bedtime routine. He spent his first Halloween passing out candy with Mommy and Daddy. Commodus stayed upstairs behind the recently installed baby/pug gate, barking every time the doorbell rang. Between trick-or-treaters, we played on the floor with Avery. He’s scooting around pretty quickly these days. He gets up on his hands and knees, but his knees slip out from under him when he starts moving.
Avery has become quite the little eater. He enjoys anything we feed him and has Lindsey’s appetite. He’s also starting to figure out the sippy cup and tried peach puffs this week.

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Almost Crawling

Avery continues to explore the floor. Tonight he made his way into the pantry and had a look around. I saw him make a mental note of Commodus’ water bowl — I’m sure he’ll be back for further investigation when we’re not looking. He also loves to chase after the animal train toy that Lindsey got him. The train moves forward about five feet while singing a song (Lindsey and I both have it memorized). Once the train stops moving Avery gets a big grin on his face and goes chasing after it. It won’t be long now before Avery is moving across the floor at warp speed.

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Monkeying around the Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday Avery’s playgroup had a get-together at a pumpkin patch. The babies all arrived decked out in their Halloween costumes. It was an unusually warm October day, so the costumes didn’t last long. We managed to get in a few pictures before Avery’s monkey costume got too hot.
Avery and Jackson.

Flying monkey.

Laughing monkey.

Sweet monkey.

Monkey tail.

Monkey business.

Mommies + wee ones.

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Slithering Around

We’ve been busy chasing after Avery and haven’t had time to update the blog recently. He’s not quite crawling, but he scoots across the floor pretty quickly, army-man style. It’s been good fun and we’ve both enjoyed watching him explore his new world.
Avery + Commodus in the kitchen.

iRock tee shirt

Giggling at mealtime.

He doesn’t put them back!

Exploring the door.

Checking out Daddy’s programming books.

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