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Late October

Here’s the rest of what we were up to during the end of October.

The three of us before heading out to (an adult) friend’s birthday party. Layla came along and the boys stayed home with Nana.

At Elysian Brewing Company in Seattle (wow that was a yummy lunch!)
dsc02314dsc02293 dsc02294

Then we stopped at Volunteer Park to playdsc02324 dsc02325 dsc02334

Lake View cemetery is just north of the park. The boys enjoyed walking through and looking at all the tombstones. Some notable people here include John W. Nordstrom, Guy Carlton Phinney, and Bruce & Brandon Lee. Here we are checking out one of Seattle’s founders, Thomas Mercer’s grave.

Silas really didn’t like it that some of the flowers were blown over or out of their holders, so he helped put them back. He started to get a little carried away with the rearranging, but it was thoughtful, nonetheless.

Dueling online homeworkimg_1556 img_1559 img_1565 img_1571

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Halloween 2016

We had a fun Halloween this year with our little munchkins! We went trick-or-treating with Indiana Jones, a forest ranger, an astronaut and a pink bunny. Lucky for us the rain held off just long enough for us to do all the trick-or-treating Mom and Dad really wanted to do and then it was time to head back to the house!

dsc02341 dsc02342  dsc02360
img_1659dsc02374 dsc02375

That’s Marshall, the dalmatian from Paw Patrol in the back, a cyclops on the right, and Little Bear from the Indian in the Cupboard in the front.

Indiana Jones and Lloyd the green ninja from Ninjago

The boys with their loot

Earlier in the day the kids came home wanting their picture taken together (highly unusual). I was able to get these cute shots of the four of them:img_1608 img_1611

Zombies don’t bother Laylaimg_1620 img_1623 img_1624 img_1630 img_1631  img_1637 img_1643 img_1648

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