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Newborn Photo Shoots

The newborn days are magical and they go by so fast. We try to remember to lots of pictures. Here are some of our favorite more staged photos we’ve taken.

IMG_5870  IMG_5897 IMG_5900 IMG_5917 IMG_5934 IMG_5946 IMG_5953 IMG_5994  IMG_6009  IMG_6018 IMG_6039 IMG_6041 IMG_6044 IMG_6065 IMG_6066 IMG_6067 IMG_6068 IMG_6071 IMG_6077 IMG_6080

I found this cute idea on Pinterest

Then I decided if she gets to dress up in a tutu, why shouldn’t her brothers get to dress up too? They loved it!
IMG_6130-EditIMG_6147-EditIMG_6151-EditIMG_6086 IMG_6091 IMG_6094     IMG_6155 IMG_6158 IMG_6161 IMG_6163

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Hospital Photo Shoot

A photographer came to the hospital and took some newborn photos of Layla. Not that we’re biased, but we think they turned out super cute!

01-IMG_2309 02-IMG_2310 03-IMG_2313 04-IMG_2314 05-IMG_2317 06-IMG_2320 07-IMG_2323 08-IMG_2328 09-IMG_2330 10-IMG_2336 11-IMG_2337 12-IMG_2342 13-IMG_2344 14-IMG_2346 15-IMG_2350 16-IMG_2355 17-IMG_2359 18-IMG_2360 19-IMG_2362

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Layla Blythe

Our little girl, Layla Blythe, came into the world on Friday, June 10, 2016, at 10:15 am. She weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz and was 19.5″ long. After my OB appointment the previous Friday, we started to wonder if perhaps she would arrive before her scheduled appointment on Friday morning. The whole family made guesses as to what her birthday would be. Kieron and Aunt Manivanh were the winners of that bet. Apparently our little lady was in no hurry to be born!


The Birth Story

Tired as I was Thursday night, I had a terrible time getting to sleep. How does one settle down when they have to wake up early the next morning for major surgery to have a baby? I had really hoped she would come early so I could just react to everything as it happened instead of having it all so planned out. Somehow though, I did fall asleep, and I woke up five minutes before our alarm went off.

We checked in to the hospital at 7:30 am, with surgery scheduled to begin two hours later. As with Silas, I buzzed in and cheerfully stated, “I’m here to have a baby.” They let us in and my nurse, Spring, hooked me up to machines and put in my IV while Jonathan fetched himself a good cup of coffee. While he was gone, I admitted to the nurse that I was feeling a bit anxious this time around, and then the weight of everything just hit me and I started to cry. I felt so incredibly lucky that I was about to meet our little girl, and I could hardly wait to find out that she was healthy and normal. Getting that off my chest was a relief, and one tissue later felt much better. I was having mild contractions (which was not the case with Silas), and it was fun for Jonathan to be able see and hear them on the monitor. I think he was a little surprised. Eventually the anesthesiologist and my OB arrived, made introductions, and went over the game plan.

At about 9:45 am they rolled me into the OR to prepare for surgery. Everyone was extremely friendly and talkative. The epidural went in easy-peasy (another big relief) and I quickly felt the numbness set in as they positioned me on the table. I learned my OB had a reputation for being “the fastest around.” As she explained, there’s no reason to leave the patient exposed any longer than necessary. They put the curtain up just below my arms, and I scanned the room, trying to soak in as much as I could. That’s one benefit of not being in active labor during the process. Directly to my right were my machines and monitors. In front of me, the big blue curtain, to the left, the clock and double doors I’d come through, and if I craned my head around as much as possible like an owl, there was the scale behind me, where they would take our daughter right after she was born. The clock ticked on, and before long I felt a ton of pressure on my upper chest (the assisting doc pushing on me to move the baby down) and I knew it was almost time. Then the next thing we heard were our daughters’ cries!

Jonathan left my side to follow our baby to the scale and cut her cord, while I about twisted my neck off trying to see what was going on! I know it was only moments, but it seemed like a long time before they brought her over and placed her on my chest, a beautiful, healthy, baby girl with a powerful set of lungs! I cried again, this time not anxious, but thankful, and Jonathan and I wished our girl a happy birthday.

Here is the morning in photos. Last pregnant photo EVER!

All smiles!
IMG_7789DSC00783 DSC00787

Dr Scheve & Layla
DSC00790 DSC00804 DSC00818 DSC00840 DSC00848

First photo with our daughter!
DSC00859 DSC00897 DSC00907


Proud big brothers
DSC00929 DSC00965   DSC01057  DSC01066 DSC01078 DSC01090 DSC01103

First family photo of the six of us!

About to leave the hospital

In her going home outfit
DSC01152 DSC01155

Back at the house, Nana and her grandkids
DSC01162 DSC01164  IMG_9912

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Waiting for Baby!

Today is June 3. I had my hair done this morning, have organized much of the house, and am officially all caught up on blogging. I also had my last pre-delivery OB appointment this morning. The nursery is set, diapers are stocked, and aside from a few non-critical things, we are ready to meet our baby girl!

According to the doc, there has been some progress since last week, so it’s anyone’s guess whether the baby will decide to come early or wait until her appointment next week. We decided we better take our final bump shots while there still is one!
DSC00621 DSC00626

Silas can hardly wait to join the big brother club and hold his little sis. He is adorable!
DSC00604DSC00657 DSC00684 DSC00686     IMG_5806 IMG_5809  IMG_5825

The nursery is ready to go, just needs a baby in it!IMG_9771 IMG_9772

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Museum of Flight

During the baby shower, Jonathan and Uncle Scott took the boys to the Museum of Flight for the afternoon. They had a terrific time and had lots of stories to share when they returned. Here they are in front of Air Force One (Eisenhower – Nixon).

IMG_7701  IMG_7710 IMG_7716

Kieron in the cockpit of a Blackbird

Avery and Andrew tried the flight simulator and LOVED it! They spun it more than a dozen times, and apparently there were squeals of delight coming from inside!IMG_7729

Poor Silas really wanted to go too, but it looks like he has a few more inches to grow. Look at that face!

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