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Memorial Weekend

We had a great three day weekend. Avery’s buddy, Logan, had a 1st birthday party on Saturday. On Sunday I had a photoshoot in Seattle. And on Monday we went park hopping with Avery and grilled hamburgers in the backyard.
Here are some random pictures, none of which are related to what’s mentioned above.
Kirkland waterfront.

My first PB&J. Drank a lot of milk.

Brushing all twelve teeth.

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Backyard Fun

I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time in backyard this summer. Avery loves playing outside, and it’s a nice place for us parents to hang out too. The grass that we hydroseeded last September is doing really well, though we’ve avoided putting any fertilizer on it.
Avery and his friend Jackson playing with bubbles and the lawn mower.

Yesterday it was more than 90 degrees, so we tried putting Avery in a 5 gallon bucket filled with water to cool off. He didn’t like being in the bucket, but enjoyed watching Commodus drink from it. There were some other cute naked-baby pictures, which we’ll have to save for Avery’s future girlfriends.

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Uncle Larry

Last week Lindsey’s uncle lost his battle with cancer. He was a fun and energetic man who loved life. We have many fond memories of him from all our visits and will miss him.

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Point Defiance Zoo

Today we met Scott, Manivanh, Nicole & Andrew at the Pt. Defiance Zoo. Avery didn’t take much notice of the animals, though he did seem to like the monkeys and the walrus. His favorite part was playing in the grass with Nicole.

Hey cuz.

Tired baby.

On Saturday Lindsey went to a baby shower for her high school girlfriend, Laura. We photographed her wedding last summer. She’s expecting a little girl in July.
Avery and Mommy with aunties Laura, Deanna, & Caroline.

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Coffee & Mini Corn Dogs

We ran low on coffee the other day (tragic). Our favorite place to buy beans is Zoka, in Snoqualmie, which totally blows the socks off Starbucks. After work one evening we made the half-hour drive to refresh our supply, but we were really hungry, so we stopped for dinner across the street from the coffee shop. Avery ordered his first menu item, mini corn dogs and fries (which Daddy ate most of). After dinner we went to get our beans, but the door was locked… they were closed 🙁
Mmm, which one should I take next?

Enjoying a cuddle.

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