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Here’s the rest of what we were up to in November:

A trip to the mall! We don’t go west of Issaquah much these days.

Service project at the YAC (Youth Activity Center) for Scouts

Leftover turkey sandwiches

Bike upgrade for Layla

The boys stopped by James’ one afternoon

Layla and Savannah having a dance party

We finally sold the “I love you” couch. (We were sitting here the first time Jonathan said the words.) We were a bit sentimental saying goodbye to it!

Riding lessons

At Cascade View

I refinished our kitchen table in November

The Dollar Store opened where the old IGA was. This is what the boys brought home from their first trip there!

Uh oh!

These two got bike upgrades as well. All the kids did this month.

Court of Honor

Open swim at The Club


Phoebe loves the laser light more than the cats

Jonathan and I had a Christmas shopping outing at Bellevue Square. We got lunch to-go at Din Tai Fung. SO good!

Bath time for a muddy dog!

At preschool

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Reindeer Project

I’ve got to hand it to Jonathan. He and I talked after committing to a Washington DC trip for Avery about having him earn money to pay for part of his trip. Then in November we discussed that perhaps Jonathan could do some woodworking projects with the boys. He decided on his own to teach the boys to make wooden reindeer like the ones he made for a Boy Scouts project as a kid and sell them online. Avery and Silas opened up a factory in the garage (Kieron thought the saw was a bit too loud). In the end they grossed nearly $700! It was such a cool thing to do and I think the boys learned a lot from the experience!

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It was a quiet Thanksgiving at our house this year. Just us because of Covid and the stay home order. One nice thing about having a bigger family is that we have critical mass even when it’s just us though. The day was pretty relaxing and low-key.

New tradition: pumpkin pie for breakfast

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Zoom with the Avery’s

We had a concert and all six cousins played music for us

Opening up their Christmas jammies

This turned out to be a mistake. Turkey didn’t agree with her.

More Zoom pics

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Family Pictures 2020

One non-rainy day in November we loaded up the kids and the dog and took some quick family pics. It was pretty sunny out and the kids were not on their best behavior, but we got a few good ones!

Avery hates his long pandemic hair in this photo, but I think it looks so cute!

Layla hated how scratchy this dress was. It sure looked adorable though.


School pics! Avery has a few raindrops on his shirt from the dash from our car to the school gym for photos. Kieron and Silas’ pics were taken out front on a sunny day and the transitional lenses on their glasses turned, hence no glasses. I think they all turned out cute!

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Birthday Party

Layla’s friend, Georgia, turned five in November and threw a party for a few of her closest friends at the ranch where Kieron rides. We lucked out and had pretty good weather. The girls had so much fun and it was amazing seeing the four of them all riding those big horses. Layla even got to ride Flash, the horse her brother normally rides.

Clare, Layla, Georgia & Britton

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