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Bump Shoot

Today Lindsey, Commodus, and I went for a walk near our house. It was a beautiful crisp winter day, and it felt great to walk off some of those Christmas cookies. According to one of our baby books we’re two days short of seven months pregnant. Here are some of the shots we got.
Lindsey looking very radiant

An assortment of poses

Le Tummy

Commodus and Lindsey

Pug in the wild

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Christmas 2006

We just finished up several days of Christmas celebrations with our family. Having recently moved into our new (and bigger) home, we volunteered to host the festivities. On Christmas eve we had hors douvres, played a gift exchange game, and were visited by Santa. On Christmas day we opened the remainder of our gifts, went for a walk, and prepared a delicious feast. Lindsey and I really enjoyed having all our family together.
Lindsey, Jonathan, Commodus, and Baby

Both our families

Commodus being his usual cute self


My Dad could probably pass for Santa

My little sister, Ashleigh

Lindsey and our adorable niece Nicole

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Commodus Goes to See Santa

Today, while the power was out, we took Commodus over to see Santa at WagsBelltown. Wags is a doggie daycare in downtown Seattle, and is owned by a friend of ours.
One of my wedding photographer buddies, Ron Henry was taking pictures. I also brought along a camera and got a couple shots.
First we put the antlers on Commodus.

Next we tried putting him up behind Santa.

Commodus was cooperative for a moment, but then he attacked Santa’s beard.

Santa snoozing on the job.

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The Perfect (Wind) Storm

Lindsey, Commodus, and I spent the last 70 hours without electricity after a doozie of a windstorm blew through on Thursday evening. The whole weekend wasn’t too bad, but we’re hoping it doesn’t happen again soon. While the power outage was a major inconvenience it did bring our neighborhood closer together.
Several of the neighbors had generators, which they were kind enough to share. Since we had a fancy espresso machine and Starbucks was without power, we were able to team up with the generator-couples. (I heard there was at least one Starbucks open in Bellevue, but the line started out in the parking lot.)

We have natural gas for our stove, fireplace, and hot water. Many of our neighbors had electric stoves and no fireplaces, so we were very fortunate. Commodus doesn’t like the cold much, but found a comfortable spot in front of the fire.

We also dressed Commodus up a little bit, which I’m sure he appreciated 😉

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Jonathan’s Miss Silvia

While I was in Hawaii, I was able to convince my wife to let me buy a fancy espresso machine. I justified it by showing the ROI created by a lesser dependecy on Starbucks visits. Here’s the math:

  • Grande Americano = $2.30
  • 5 Americanos per week * 52 weeks per year = 260 Americanos
  • Total Cost = $598 anually

Lindsey estimates her Starbucks consumption to be around $400 per year (before including the banana loaf).
Tamping my first shot.

My precious.

Molto buon!

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