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Grammy’s Visit

Grammy paid us a visit in May, and we had a terrific time. Coincidentally, she arrived on the day the Nordstrom half-yearly sale began, so we did a little damage there. I put her to work at the house hanging things, painting walls, and planting flowers. Then we piled the boys into the van and headed east to visit Uncle Scott and his family in Pullman for a couple of days. We had a nice, relaxing time together, and the cousins enjoyed playing. After we got back, we only had a day before Grammy was off to Texas again.

Here’s Kieron and Grammy perusing  a Pottery Barn catalog together.

A quick painting project

While Grammy and I hit the Nordstrom sale, the boys kept busy at The Apple Store

We had a s’mores night

Road trip to Pullman

Andrew and Avery, together at last!

Kieron and Silas love playing with Uncle Scott’s old trucks

We went to a park and fed the ducks. Silas thought he’d have some bread too.

The main attraction at the park for these two

The grandsons competing to see who can give Grammy the biggest hug


We remembered to get a picture of the adults!

The last bedtime story of the trip

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The Play set

One of the things on our list of home improvements was a big wooden play set. The boys had outgrown their plastic one, and were in need of something substantial that wouldn’t lift off the ground with each swing. The right set finally came along on Craigslist on Mother’s Day weekend, and we pounced on it. Jonathan was such a sport, and spent the weekend renting a trailer, disassembling, moving, and reassembling the new set. We love it!
IMG_2831   IMG_2836
IMG_2845  IMG_2852 IMG_2854

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Hikes with Daddy

Jonathan took Kieron and Silas out for special one-on-one hikes in May. It’s a great way for him to connect with the boys individually. Here are a few pics from each of their outings.
IMG_4396 IMG_4399  IMG_4406 IMG_4412 IMG_4420 IMG_4425 IMG_4452 IMG_4455 IMG_4459 IMG_4465

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The Ants

Last spring we hatched butterflies. This year the boys picked ants. We ordered the anthill though Insect Lore, and it was so entertaining to watch them tunnel and use teamwork to move the sand around.

Here’s the boys with the vial of 20 harvester ants that arrived via USPS. They were checking the mail every day for these little guys!

The ants had to be refrigerated for a few minutes so they’d get sleepy and not bite when Jonathan loaded them into their new home.
IMG_2711 IMG_2715

The entertainment begins

Avery was mesmorized

On this day he sat with the ants for more than an hour watching them tunnel. Better than TV!

The ants had to be fed and watered every three days. Usually they got a piece of carrot or apple.

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