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More Pictures from the Hospital

Lindsey and I came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. We ended up staying three nights, which was great because the nurses had lots of wisdom to share. When we got home Grammy and Papa had the house cleaned and dinner on the stove. We’re lucky to have such a loving and supportive family.
Overall the childbirth experience was incredible. We experienced a range of emotions from excitement to worry to bliss. The 19 hours of labor before the c-section were taxing on both Mommy and I, but made the ending even sweeter. Meeting our son was the best moment of our life.
Here are some of our favorite images from the hospital.
Right after Avery came out the surgeon put him over the curtain so Mommy and I could see him. The moment only lasted a second, and through all the tears this blurry image is pretty much how we remember it.

Avery had a “good set of lungs” according to the doctors. When Lindsey and I heard him crying we both burst into tears as well.

After Avery was dried off and wrapped up they brought him over for Mommy to see him. The neonatologist took my camera and got a few pictures of us together for the first time.

His first bath. Both sets of grandparents and Auntie Ashleigh were in the room with us.

Sporting the universal pink and blue hat they give all babies.

Later in the evening Avery became pretty alert. Here is one of the first pictures where he is wide awake.

Lindsey took this picture of Avery and I at almost 1:00 am. The first, second, and third nights we got very little sleep.

Here he is being peaceful after a meal.

Pretending to be inside Mommy again.

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Avery Liam King

This morning at 9:01 am Lindsey and I finally became parents. Our son, Avery Liam King, was 8 pounds 13 ounces, and 20 inches long.
Here’s a quick picture. We’ll share more later…

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Today is the Day

Today we are waiting for a call from the hospital to let us know it’s time to go in. It sounds like there are lots of other new mommies at the birth center, so perhaps once a few of them are discharged we’ll get our turn. We are #1 on the induction list so it should be sometime today.
At the moment Lindsey is trying to fit in a couple more hours of sleep. Eventually I’ll have to make sure she is well nourished and hydrated before heading over to the hospital.
I’ll keep you posted…
The hospital called at about 11:00 am and told us to come on in. So Lindsey and I are finishing getting ready and then we’ll be on our way. I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to update the blog until we’re back home, but I’ll be calling family and friends once our son is born!

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Tuesday Update

We just got back from the doctors office and we’ve decided to hold off one more day on inducing labor. Originally we were scheduled to go in today, but the birth center didn’t have a room available. If the labor doesn’t start naturally overnight then tomorrow morning we’re at the top of the induction list.
Tonight we’re going to watch American Idol (vote for Blake) and then hopefully get to bed early. Tomorrow could be the big day!

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Still Pregnant

A few of our friends noticed the blog hadn’t been updated on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning. Surely we must have had the baby by now?
Nope. No baby. Lindsey is still pregnant.
Next our son has to decide if he wants to be a Pisces or an Aries.

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