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Another tooth bites the dust

Found this little guy frantically trapped in our trampoline


Caroline’s birthday

Selfie fun

In case you ever wondered what Jonathan looks like as Lloyd, from Dumb and Dumber

Playdate at Mason’s

Weird Covid related scene

Random screenshot from a FaceTime conversation

Jonathan was dying to go to Sisters and Brothers for their fried chicken recommended by Kenji Lopez. It didn’t disappoint.

When you have three siblings

Somehow my shirt ended up in Avery’s closet and he thought it was his

I told the kids I was going to start using silly punishments like push-ups and can holding so they wanted to try them out

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Spring Sports

This spring Layla took up soccer and Kieron gave flag football a shot. Here are some pics of the season.

Flag football

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Home Improvements

When we bought our home we knew re-carpeting was in the five-year plan. We decided to pull the trigger this spring. We also knew if we wanted to update our fireplace, the time to do it was before the new carpet was installed. DIYers that we are, we decided there was no reason we couldn’t take this little project on. Haha! Joke was on us. We learned tile work is not very fun, especially vertical tile work. It was a true test of marriage. Fortunately, we passed, but I think our tiling days are over! This job is worth leaving to the pros.


The bottom wasn’t terrible

Laying out the design – devil is in the details!

Cutting tile is finicky, especially when it’s herringbone

In the meantime, I found some cute chairs at Home Goods!

Family room is coming together nicely

Isn’t this fun?!

Silas proved to be a big help brushing the grout

Almost done!

Done. Now we just need that nasty carpet out!

Eeeewwww! Look at the difference!


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Grammy’s Birthday

We went to Grammy and Papa’s in April for part of spring break and brought Grammy back with us for a while. Papa came to celebrate her birthday at our place. We had a lot of fun catching up. Happy birthday, Grammy!

Birthday pedicures

We had a visit with Caroline and Clare

Ping pong!

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Silas in Hockey

Silas  started hockey early in the year. He loved it and kept at it for months. It was so fun watching him improve on the ice and play a sport he enjoyed so much.

Unfortunately, we discovered at his latest cardiologist checkup at the end of summer, that Silas’ condition has progressed more than we would like. Nothing crazy serious, but his doctor said he should not do isometric sports. And she said she he should stop hockey.

I was so sad to break the news to him. Lucky for us, Silas had a good attitude about it. Although he loves the speed part of skating, he was very clear he did not want to do figure skating when I floated the idea as a possibility. We’ll just get him to open skate to play around sometimes. He is going to give basketball another try.

At Stick and Puck with Bode

Red face!

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