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Christmas Day

We had another wonderful Christmas with family this year. We opened presents in the morning and then Nana joined us shortly after that for the rest of the days’ festivities. It’s fun having a full house this time of year!

Uncle Scott –  always goofing off!

It was a very Frozen Christmas at our house this year. Layla got this castle with Anna & Elsa dolls, a book with smaller figurines from Frozen II and an Elsa dress (Frozen II version).

The wolf she’s been asking for all year!

Hot chocolate!

That’s Avery holding up some Old Spice Swagger he got in his stocking!

She got her horse (even if it is not real, she loves “Brownie”.

Happy boy got AirPods (along with the rest of the 7th grade class).

The BMC D-Day set!

Madeleine and Elsa

More Charades

Nana’s  here!

Time to feast


Best roast ever!

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Christmas Eve

Another fun Christmas Eve is in the books. Grammy came up the weekend prior to help prepare, and Papa and The Avery’s of Pullman showed up that afternoon in time for the festivities. We had our usual spread of hors d’oeuvres followed by “The Dice Game”. Then Santa paid us a visit and we played some Charades before bedtime. 

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Here’s the rest of what our family was up to in December:

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Santa 2019

We went to visit Santa and his reindeer at the Cougar Mountain Zoo the weekend before Christmas. By now we are old pros at this and so we arrived right at opening, which meant no waiting in line. We proceeded straight to Santa and visited with the reindeer on our way back down. Then we said hi to the rest of the animals, but we had to go pretty quickly because it was very cold! All in all, a successful visit.

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Maui 2019

We went to Maui again this December. It was great to get away from the rain and to see the sun again!

Happy travelers

“All that flying makes me tired.”

The view from our first hotel wasn’t too shabby. We were perched right on Black Rock

Our elf, Jingle, even followed us to Hawaii again!

Where do Mommy and Daddy sleep?

Took a quick pic of the kids before they developed tans

She insisted on carrying her own gear

Snorkling at Black Rock

Kieron & Daddy


The Three Amigos

Silas & Daddy

Back at the pool

“I want more gwink!”

Avery found a little friend

At Leilani’s

Here comes the hula pie

Watching the international space station with Nana

Morning breakfast buffet at our first hotel. Couples and children under 3 eat for free. All others are $15 each, which means the boys got to eat donut holes in the room and play iPad while we dined with our littlest.

These two!

Mama couldn’t resist the mermaid suit at one of the local shops. Needless to say, Layla got a lot of attention in her new outfit (which she loved almost as much as I did)!

Beach Boys

Moving to The Marriott

Our Armada was a little full

At the pirate ship. We only spent a couple of hours here our whole vacation! Crazy how all of a sudden things change so significantly.

We let the big boys play at the beach while we stayed at the pool with the littles as long as they weren’t in the water without us there. Here’s a pic I took while spying on them. Look at what good boys they’re being!

This is the pool where Layla wanted to spend a lot of her time. It has multiple levels so she can walk out to where she feels safe swimming and then test herself. On the other side it’s deep enough for her brothers to swim. We played a lot of catch here and Layla practiced a lot of swimming.

At the beach with my boys

Just spying on the big boys again


Treasure hunt at the pirate ship

Goggles, fins, wings – the full deal!

Family selfie back in our room

This face!

We ventured out to Twin Falls one day for a short hike

Back at the resort – mother-daughter selfies


We took the kids to lunch at Roy’s one day

With Nana at Cheeseburger in Paradise

Someone likes her powdered donut holes

Making apps with Frank

Look who takes all the blankets!

These two are such good buddies. They had fun boogie boarding together

Watching winder surfers, kite boarders and surfers

Date Night at Roys!

We had a lot of fun playing basketball and pass on this trip

At the beach

Coconuts, one of our favorite restaurants!

Time to head home!

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