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Ballet Recital

At the end of June, Avery had his first, and quite possibly last (tear), ballet recital. His class danced to “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” It was adorable, and he did a great job! He also seemed to enjoy performing.

While he liked dance lessons, he wasn’t particularly fond of recital season and having to memorize a routine. I think all the female energy also started to get to him, and he would have preferred having some boys in class. So this fall he’ll be doing some other activity. I sure am glad I got this year to be a dance mom though. What a treat it was!

So handsome in his costume!

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Pre-K Grad!

It’s hard to believe, but our biggest little boy is going to start kindergarten in the fall! His pre-k class marked the end of the year last month with a graduation ceremony. We are so proud of Avery and look forward to grade school and all of the learning and experiences it will surely bring! But first, bring on summer!

With his buddy, Gideon, who will also be in his kindergarten class

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Boys Camping Weekend

For Father’s Day weekend, Jonathan and a few of his coworkers went camping together with their sons. The boys took a ferry out to Lopez Island and stayed at Odlin Park. It was Kieron’s first camping trip, and he was excited and unsure of what to expect. Avery was counting down the days for the past month. It ended up being a soggy camping trip, but they made the most of it. The boys spent a ton of time playing in the sand, and the men cooked and drank. There were plenty of deer and eagle sightings, along with crabs and caterpillars.

And as for me and Silas, we enjoyed the peace and quiet at home!

About to head out

Waiting for the ferry to Lopez Island

Kieron’s first time on a ferry

The campsite

The boys had a blast building a fort out of driftwood

Aaron found a caterpillar


Bath time!


Keeping dry

Dinner time!

Saying goodbye to Tom as he paddles to his boat

Look closely and you will see two bald eagles in the middle of the picture

Aaron & Andy

Daddy brought the iPad! Movie time in the tent!

Tuckered out

The next morning

The ride home

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Building, Baseball & Trains

Last month Jonathan took the boys to the Home Depot Kids Workshop one Saturday. They had a great time building little wooden boxes (perfect for sorting little lego pieces in).

The following day Jonathan and Avery went to a Mariner’s game together. It was through little league, so the kids got to get a close up view of the field. As you can see, Avery brought his little pug satchel with him, full of coins to buy a hot dog with.

The next week we went out to the local brewery for dinner one night. Afterwards, we took a stroll by the old trains across the street. The boys had a blast checking everything out.

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Oh man, I am so behind on blogging again! Here are some pics from June. I will try to post more soon!

With Jen & Elina (two months older than Silas)

Silas & Elina

At the annual bike safety rodeo

Catching some Z’s with my little man

Silas Tristan, three months old

I love his smile!

In his crib

I think his expression is so funny! I must have startled him!

In his jumparoo


I love this outfit on Si

Avery helping me weed. He likes to pull the really big ones, and he gets his whole body into it

Preparing for the upcoming camping weekend. Kieron kept saying “all done!”

Avery doing somersaults. He also exclaimed that there was room to wrestle in the tent!

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