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Bump Shoot #2

After weeks of wind, cold, snow, and rain, we’re finally getting some beautiful days. Lindsey and I try to take walks at lunch time whenever it’s nice out — a benefit of working from home. Today I brought along my camera to get some bump shots of Lindsey at 34 weeks.

Lindsey’s looking for her feet.

Commodus says, “Hello little brother.”

Making faces.

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Car Seat Installation…Complete

I’ve heard stories of daddies installing infant seats while parked in the fire lane in front of the hospital while mommy and baby wait nearby in a wheelchair. I don’t want to be that daddy.
So, yesterday I installed the infant seat in our Subaru — seven weeks early, thank you very much! I think it’s in properly, though we’ll take it by a fire station to be inspected.
As you can see from the picture of Lindsey in the back seat, we’re going to be needing a bigger car pretty soon 😉

I read the manual.

Yard sale.

It’s cozy back there.

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Snow Pug

Today at lunch I took a walk with Lindsey and Commodus in the snow. We went down the trail near our house. Somehow Commodus managed to get some snow on his back, which he promptly shook off. This time next year we’ll be taking our son for a walk in the snow. I can’t wait!

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Baby Shower

On Saturday morning Nana King and Ann Gilbert threw a baby shower for Lindsey. The ladies enjoyed a delicious brunch, played games, and opened gifts. Thank you to everyone who attended.
A diaper cake by Nana and Grandpa King.

The ladies.

Grandma Avery had some excess yarn in the tummy measuring game.

Cute baby shoes from Ashlee and Joe.

This baby blanket was knitted by Great Nana in New Zealand.

Joe and Lindsey.

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