Monthly Archives: March 2009

2nd Birthday

Last weekend Avery turned 2. We had a celebration for him, though we kept it a bit smaller than his first birthday. This year Avery really enjoyed his cake (last year he wouldn’t touch it). And he opened his presents with only a little help from cousin, Nicole.

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St. Patty’s Day

Avery once again took extra precautions to avoid being pinched today. The poor little guy has a bit of a cold again so he did seem like a sad little leprechaun at times. Hopefully he’s feeling better in time for his birthday this weekend.

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Snow Day

It snowed again this week. Not enough to go sledding or mess up traffic, but enough to play in and make everything pretty. Avery had the opportunity to use his new word, “snowman,” and enjoyed crunching around in the snow.

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