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Hot Tubbing in Texas

So far we haven’t had much sun in Texas. It’s really warm outside, but without the sun it hasn’t felt like swimming weather. Avery’s been waiting for the perfect sunny day to have his first swim in a pool. Hopefully that sunny day comes before we head home on Tuesday.
In the meantime us adults have been enjoying the hot tub (babies aren’t allowed in hot tubs). Each evening we’ve been enjoying a glass of wine in the hot tub, and then at the first sign of thunder & lightening we retreat indoors.
The pool area at Grammy & Papa’s new place turned out really nice. Here are a few pics.

I love the pergola. I’ve been talking about building one in our yard.

Here’s the sleeping baby, as seen from the tub.

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Happy Birthday Mommy!

Lindsey had a birthday today. We celebrated with family here in Texas. The thunder and lightening kept us out of the pool, but we still managed to have a nice celebration indoors. Happy birthday sweetie!
Avery + Mommy.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Avery playing on the floor.

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Airplane Ride #1

Today we took Avery on his first airplane ride. We’re off to Texas for a visit with Grammy and Pappa in their new house. Avery did well on the plane, despite a little turbulence coming into Dallas.
Avery + Daddy in front of the huge window at Sea-Tac.

Sticking his tongue out.

Over Dallas.

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Three Months Old

It’s hard to believe Avery was born three months ago today. He is growing up so quickly. Everyday he changes a little bit.
In the last week or so Avery started sleeping 8+ hours at night. The extra sleep for us parents has been very nice!
He’s also much more sturdy than he used to be, and is starting to enjoy spending time in his exersaucer. The first couple times we put him in he wasn’t too interested, but by the third time he was reaching out for the toys. He seems especially interested in the mirror, spinning wheel full of colored balls, and the teething flower.
Enjoying his new environment.

His three favorites. Commodus is interested too.

Big brother, Commodus, supervises.

Mrs. King with her little prince.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

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