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Woodland Park Zoo

We made a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo on a recent Sunday afternoon. We had a really good time. The zoo wasn’t too crowded and Avery is really into animals at the moment. The penguins were his favorite, along with the bears and mommy + baby gorilla. Afterwords we stopped by Red Mill for some delicious lunch.

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Maple Valley Days

We had a great time at Maple Valley Days. It was the first year we’ve gone. It’s kind of a community carnival event that happens each summer.
This was Avery’s first time on carnival rides. He loved the airplanes!

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Backyard Project

June was a busy month for us. Lindsey and I photographed a couple different weddings, and we started a huge landscaping project in our backyard. To start with we replaced a retaining wall that was poorly built by the builder. The existing wall was made of natural rock and wasn’t constructed tall enough. By replacing it with a block wall we gained about 250 square feet of backyard, and it should prevent the hill from eroding more. And it gave me a good reason to rent an excavator and dump truck, which are fun.

I moved all the rocks.

Mike carefully put them in the truck.

Avery riding with me to the quarry.

Mostly finished wall.

Now we’re in the process of installing sprinklers and new grass.

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We had a great visit with Lindsey’s parents in Texas. She and Avery flew out for two weeks, and I joined them the second week. We spent lots of time in the pool, which Avery thoroughly enjoyed. Avery got to go to the Fort Worth zoo, where his favorite animals were the rhinos, elephants, and monkeys. He also donated his hat to the white tigers. During the trip Avery made significant progress with potty training, and has graduated to wearing big boy underwear most of the time. He was a delight to fly with, especially since he now has his own seat. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Crocodile Dundee

Reading the paper

Playing us a song on the piano

We enjoyed many walks to the park

Sometimes Avery got tired and had to ride “on top”

Monkey bars

Lindsey and I took a trip to Austin

We saw a spacecraft in Italy, Texas

Dancing in Daddy’s shoes

Playing with Grammy

Sleeping after a long trip to the zoo

Being a good boy on the plane

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