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Santa + Reindeer

Today we took Avery up to the Cougar Mountain Zoo to see Santa and his reindeer. It was a great day to visit because with the snow there was hardly anyone there, and it felt like we were at the north pole (only with tigers too).
Avery was indifferent to Santa, but did get close enough for a few pictures. Santa looked a bit older than two years ago when Commodus visited with him.
The reindeer were a big hit with Avery. We fed them apples. The one with the biggest antlers tended to get most of the apples, but we tried to be be fair.

“Yes Santa, I’ve been good this year. I’d like clothes and jewelry.”

“Trucks and diggers for me, please.”

Psssst, little boy, give me some apples.

Throwing apples.

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Cabin Fever

Ever since we returned from Hawaii we’ve been stuck inside. There have been a few days without snow, but for the most part of the past week there has been snow and ice. I’ve been getting a lot done at work since many of my co-workers aren’t making it into work, which translates into fewer interruptions. Since I work from home I can’t really use that excuse 😉
Lindsey and Avery made it to playgroup this week in between snow storms, but aside from that and a couple errands they haven’t left the house. We took Avery out in the snow a few times. He doesn’t like to get down in the snow, but he does enjoy dancing around in his snowsuit and rubber boots.
We’re expecting a big windstorm in a couple hours which is likely to knock out the power. On the news they’re saying we could be in the dark for up to three days. Fortunately, we’re more prepared than we were two years ago. We invested in a generator, so at least we’ll be able to keep the espresso machine running. Whew.
Avery likes loves Elmo.

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Maui 2008

We arrived home from Maui just in time to catch the winter storm. As I write this it’s only 20 degrees outside, and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. Hopefully our sun-kissed skin will survive the cold weather.
We had a great time on vacation, for the most part. We did somehow manage to bring the stomach flu with us to Hawaii. We were fortunate to be asymptomatic on the plane, but Lindsey and I were both incapacitated for about 24 hours shortly after arriving. Once we made it through the saltines and chicken noodle soup ritual, we got started on the vacation part of our trip.
We spent most of the week by the pirate ship pool, watching Avery explore the water. He had a great time and so did we. It’s amazing how much he’s changed since our trip last year. Lindsey and I also had plenty of date nights, along with one extremely yummy dinner at Roy’s.

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Home Haircut

Recipe for cutting Avery’s hair:

  • Elmo in Grouchland movie
  • Dum Dum Pop
  • Various hair cutting items
  • Mommy who’s skilled with above items
  • Seat/chair with lap belt to keep said child from running away

The final product.

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