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10 Months Old

Avery hit 10 months old last week. His Birthday is coming up fast. Amazing how quick it slips by.
For today’s entry I’m going to use a slightly different format. Normally I write a little bit about what’s happening in our life and then show a few pictures. For this entry I’m going to share the story with each picture.
This first shot was taken in the morning light as Avery was taking a look out the window. Avery isn’t walking yet, but he’s cruising along couches, windowsills, etc. He’s taken interest in the cords on the blinds so part of the morning routine involves raising all the blinds up just out of Avery’s reach.

This past week Avery had a cold. Lindsey and I felt terrible for him, especially for the first day or so when he had a little fever. In this picture we were getting ready to take him for a walk and he didn’t like getting all dressed up. Poor guy.

In this shot he was having a long bath with Mommy. Avery really enjoys being in the bath, and the steam helped with the congestion. Mommy helped him with the hairdo.

The other day Avery was walking back and forth along the empty bathtub trying to reach in and grab his bath toys. Then he turned around and discovered the lever on the toilet. Maybe we can potty train him early?

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Guest from NZ

Over the weekend we had my Aunt from New Zealand come and visit. She’s traveling in the U.S. and made a stop at our house. Lindsey and I hadn’t seen her since we were back in New Zealand a couple years ago, and Avery had never met her. We had a great time visiting.
Since she hadn’t been to Seattle before we made the requisite trip to Pike Place Market. Despite the freezing cold weather it was busy.

My Aunt gave Avery a rugby ball and some lessons. He loves it.

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On the floor

Avery is crawling very quickly these days. We have to keep a close eye on him downstairs as he gets into mischief. One of his favorite spots is the pantry. Anytime the door is open he’ll charge towards it with a big grin on his face and if we don’t close it before he gets there he’ll start splashing around in Commodus’ water bowl. The toilets will be next.
He’s also taken an interest in the kitchen cabinets and drawers. We gave him his own drawer to play with and for the most part he focuses on it.
Commodus is being a good sport and lets Avery chase him around. Commodus is very tolerant of Avery, in part because Avery likes to throw Cheerios at Commodus from his high chair.
In between outfits.

Dancing with Mama.

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Andrew Sounaphonh Avery

We went to visit our new nephew at the hospital on Thursday. He was a big boy, weighing in at nearly ten pounds. He’s very cute, has lots of dark hair, and looks a lot like Nicole did when she was born. We’re thrilled to be an Auntie and Uncle once again.

Avery wasn’t too interested in the baby. Good thing Mommy brought Cheerios along.

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Any minute now…

We’re waiting on a phone call from Lindsey’s brother. He’s at the hospital with his wife getting ready to become parents again. It’s quite possible they’ve already had the baby at this point, but perhaps not. Sometimes babies like to keep their parents up all night before making an appearance 🙂
In the meantime we’re keeping track of their almost four-year-old daughter. She’s having a great time being chased by Avery. She’s also enjoying the gourmet chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and green beans I cooked her. (She only ate two green beans and only because we bribed her with the possibility of having ice cream later.)
[Update:] They had their baby around 8:30 pm. We’re going to visit them tomorrow at lunchtime.

Avery checking out his cousin’s princess.

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